King Ralph

King Ralph (1991)

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Ralph exposes Lord Graves' attempts to usurp him from the throne and, after announcing that he's arranged for some badly-needed jobs to be created, abdicates the throne to Cedric who also has royal blood. Ralph is made a Duke, marries Miranda and has a son, continuing the Wyndham line.

Mark Ivey

Audio problem: Apparently, Ralph's surname was changed at the last minute from the British Royal Family surname of "Windsor" to "Windham." There are several points in the film, where there is a lip-sync problem, due to the differences of the name, because it has been dubbed.

David Mercier

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Sir Cedric Willingham: How's it going, Your Majesty?
Ralph Jones: Great. We've got nothing in common and she's got a voice like a tuba. If she had her way, we'd have sex on a bed of nails on national television. But at least the party stinks.

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