Answer: Molly gets adopted by Warbucks and becomes Annie's sister and the other orphans get adopted by other families while a reformed Miss Hannigan becomes a schoolteacher.

Answer: They are no longer at the orphanage since Miss Hannigan reformed and became a schoolteacher. So they are all adopted with Annie by "Daddy" Warbucks.

Answer: They're still staying at the orphanage, but it seems Mr. Warbucks is helping to fund them and Miss Hannigan has had a change of heart, so it's not so grim.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Annie and Molly both get adopted by Oliver Warbucks and become sisters ages 10 and 6 and live with the male family dog, Sandy and Oliver marries Grace Farrell and Grace becomes Annie and Molly's mom.

Answer: 10 year old Annie and six year old Molly and another orphan named Chloe get adopted by Oliver Warbucks and have the male family dog, Sandy and Oliver marries Grace Farrell and Grace becomes the girls' new mom.

Question: At the end: Miss Hannigan is seen at the party, but shouldn't she have been arrested along with Lily and Rooster? She was an accomplice to the planning and kidnapping of Annie, so that alone should have got her some sort of punishment.

Answer: Most likely Mr Warbucks had some sway in the outcome of things. Because Mrs Hannigan in the end did try to save her life, and was also assaulted by her own brother when she turned on him, Annie and Mr Warbucks statement probably got the police to let her go. Also it would seem that Punjab liked her. She came around to the right side in the end.

Answer: No charges were pressed against her due to her attempt to protect Annie from Rooster.


Question: Question regarding the search for Annie's parents: When Mr. Warbucks launches the nationwide search for Annie's parents using the best legal and investigative minds of the day, should they not have discovered that said parents died in a fire? The authorities somehow knew there was an abandoned child and where to send the parents' "junk", and Miss Hannigan was informed of the deaths. Obviously, someone knew Annie was at the orphanage and whose child she was. How did Warbucks' top notch team of private eyes miss that?

Answer: Mrs. Hannigan's box of Annie's parents' things might have the only record of her birth certificate. This is the 1930s, after all. Paper records went missing all the time.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: Could be two different reasons. One, she has shown not to care much for the orphans so she didn't care whether Annie knew or not. Two, at the very end it is shown she does have some care for the orphans, shown when she thinks Annie will be killed, so perhaps she had enough heart in her not to break Annie's hopes of her parents coming back to get her.

Answer: Although her parents were poor, they were trying to save up enough to bring Annie home. Her parents' belongings did not have a whole lot in them, but probably enough where Miss. Hannigan would have stolen it for herself along with whatever other small valuables she could hawk. The broken locket wouldn't sell at the pawnshops.

Question: When Punjab is following the kidnapper's truck, he calls Mr. Warbucks to tell him where the truck is. How do either of them have phones when car phones weren't invented until the 40's at the very earliest?

Answer: Two-way mobile radios were invented in the 20s. With Mr. Warbucks' money, he would have been able to put two-way radios in all of his vehicles, and the microphone/speaker in the shape of a telephone receiver would then be an aesthetic choice.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: When Mr Warbucks goes to the orphanage to adopt Annie, he already has the adoption papers with him. But shouldn't the papers be at the orphanage since Annie was only going to be staying with him for a two weeks and he only decided that morning that he wanted to adopt her permanently?

Answer: The orphanage would certainly have adoption papers handy, but Warbucks is super-wealthy. His lawyer is undoubtedly quite used to procuring legal documents for Warbucks on a moment's notice. It just seemed the fastest way to go about it to him: have the paperwork as filled out and ready to go before he ever got there so all he'd need was Hannigan's signature, as pointed out in the song "Sign".


Answer: According to Ms. Hannigan, they died in a fire.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Mrs Hannagan said to Mrs Farrel that Annie has it coming to her for trying to run away all the time. She is supposed to be punished etc., not spend a week in the lap of luxury. So she's trying to keep Annie there. But later in the movie, after Hannigan saves Annie's life, it is implied that she actually does care for Annie more than she lets on. So maybe Annie was actually her favorite orphan and she really just wanted her to not leave. After all Annie spends time comforting Molly and the others, when it's supposed to be Mrs Hannigan's job, but she's too busy drinking. She probably actually liked having Annie around but would never admit it or show kindness outright. Until the end, when finally she did.

Answer: Hannigan was plotting with her con-artist brother for him and his girlfriend to pose as Annie's long-lost mother and father. The couple would claim Annie to collect the $50,000 reward that Warbucks was offering to find Annie's real parents.


Question: Why does Miss Hanigan, who knows Annie's parents died (as she states in the scene when she, Rooster and friend are looking for Annie's locket), think about letting them in in the scene when she answers the door and is told "Hi, we're Annie's parents"?

Answer: She was caught off-guard. No one other than Annie's parents would have known about her, so 2 people appearing at the orphanage claiming to be her parents certainly would have caught her off-guard.


Answer: When Rooster and Lily show up at the door, in disguise, and say they are Annie's parents, it's entirely possible that Mrs Hannagan started questioning whether Annie's parents had in fact been killed. Maybe there was some mistake and they didn't die in a fire. How would she know? The police could have been mistaken after all. Plus they showed up out of no place and surprised her saying that. She didn't have time to think, and, as the movie has shown, she was probably intoxicated as well.

Question: Is Miss Hannigan Annie's actual mother? I know she says that her real parents were killed in a fire but there seems to be overwhelming evidence that this is a lie. Any thoughts, references, that might clear this up?


Chosen answer: No, Miss Hannigan is simply a cruel, manipulative orphanage matron. Annie's parents did indeed die in a fire.

LuMaria 1

Question: When Annie goes running up the stairs during "I think I'm gonna like it here" and Miss. Farrell follows her, is Miss. Farrell trying to tickle her when they stop in the middle of the stair case?

Answer: This motion occurs after the sung line, "no finger will you lift." That is when Miss Farrell makes the finger-wiggling motion like she is going to tickle Annie. Then, they proceed the "chase" up the stairs. I think it's just meant to be a fun little mock-teasing while everyone on the staff is running around in a kind of slapstick manner.

Michael Albert

Question: This just interests me, but why does Miss Hannigan suddenly show concern for Annie when Rooster says he is going to kill her (just after Annie has torn up the cheque)? She never liked any of the orphans anyway, and earlier when Molly overheard the plan, and Rooster says that they are going to drop Annie in the river, Miss Hannigan never said anything.

Answer: She's a selfish woman, malicious even. But she's no killer. Even if she didn't say anything against the plan, when faced with the execution of the actual deed, she couldn't bring herself to allow it. Also, it is suggested throughout the movie that Annie is her favorite. When Grace Ferrell asks for Annie, Miss Hannigan tries desperately to keep her at the orphanage by saying she's 'trouble' when in reality, Miss Hannigan loved Annie.


Question: What exactly did that Police Officer mean when he said to Miss Hannigan "Look what I found under a paving stone"?

Answer: Paving stone is just a description of the City's street pavement, like the Lower East Side's Belgian block pavers or even cobblestones. It's pretty much similar to saying "Look what I found under a rock" and both are uncomplimentary to Annie.

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Question: What movie are Annie, Oliver Warbucks and Grace watching at the theater?

Answer: "Camille, " starring Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, and Lionel Barrymore. (

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Who taught Annie to read, and how come Annie's parents never signed the note she keeps?

Answer: Some people can teach themselves to read. Also at one point in the movie you can see a classroom of some type so at one time they may have been taught how to read.

Question: I am positive I remember a scene in Annie from when I was little where they took her shopping and then another scene maybe with the shopping packages piled in the car. I can't find this anywhere now. Did I dream this?

Answer: I pretty sure I've seen that scene too, when I first saw the movie, but haven't seen it in broadcast airings. They always edit scenes for time. When they air "Scream 3," they cut out the scene where Patrick Dempsey says, "All I know about movie trilogies is in the third film. All bets are off."

Question: If Annie's parents died in a fire how did the police know where to take the items that they had found?

Answer: Sometimes the parents keep the address of the orphanage where they dropped their child off.

Question: Did the actress Eileen Quinn actually climb the B&O bridge and hang off there?

Answer: Due to strict child safety laws, a minor would never be allowed to climb and hang off from a bridge. A stunt double did the climbing. Close-up shots would be filmed on a sound stage with specially built props, and a safety harness, or other equipment used to make it appear as if Annie was "hanging" from the bridge.


Question: Why wouldn't Miss Hannigan sign the papers to have Annie adopted by Warbucks? I get she wanted Warbucks to like her but I'm still confused.

Answer: Because she was a mean and unhappy woman, if she can't be happy why should everyone else.

Answer: In the original play, she went to jail. At the end of the movie, she was riding an elephant. Mostly likely because she wanted to stop her brother Rooster from hurting Annie, she was given a light sentence: probation with community service.

Audio problem: On the bridge, sounds of a nearby boat can be heard; however, a boat is never actually seen nearby, nor any lights on the water.

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Trivia: Since the mansion used in the movie belongs to Monmouth University, the pool that's in the basement had to be uncovered and converted back as it was and still is being used for administrative offices for the school.


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