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Corrected entry: When Evan is playing the guitar for first time in front of Wizard and the others, Wizard is wearing a white shirt, but when Evan and Wizard are talking looking at the stars, Wizard's clothes are different.

Correction: Well considering that the sun is shining behind August while he's playing, it's early morning. They just skip some time, which is common to do in movies. Wizard gave August clothes to change into.

Corrected entry: Because of his despair for losing Lila, Louis does not play his guitar for eleven years. When he decides to start playing again, he takes out his guitar and plucks every string. His guitar is perfectly tuned, and this makes no sense. As I am a guitar player myself, I know that if you go so long as a month without touching your instrument, it will go severely out of tune. And he didn't tune it off camera before he did this, as we see him open the dusty case for the first time in a decade and play the strings immediately afterwards.

Correction: When he first plucks the strings they sound awful.

Corrected entry: The fliers that show Evan Taylor as a missing child state that he disappeared February 9, 2006. However, since he was born on December 17, 1995 and had lived in the orphanage for at least 11 years and 16 days before running away he couldn't have left before 2007.

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Correction: The first flashback said it was eleven years earlier. That was when his parents first got together and conceived him, and since it takes about 9 months to have a baby, he was not yet 11, but only 10, so it is possible.

Corrected entry: It seems to be early spring in Washington Square and high summer in Central Park throughout this movie! There are virtually no leaves on the trees, forsythia are blossoming in one scene and it is even snowing at one point. However, every time you see Central Park, whether it is during a "fly over" scene or during the concert at the end of the film, it is high summer with all of the trees fully in leaf, audience members viewing the outdoor concert in shirt sleeves, and soloist, Keri Russell, wearing a bareback, halter-top gown.

Correction: The movie takes place over several month's time. At the beginning of the movie it is winter and at the end it is summertime.

Audio problem: When Evan plays the guitar the first time, you can hear some chords and notes that aren't actually being played at all.

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Wizard: Can't you see it? Wizard productions presents the number one heat wave: august rush.
August Rush: Yeah! Me! That's me.

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Question: Did August's dad know he had a son? And did August figure out who his parents were at the end and did he see them at the concert?

Answer: The answers, in order, are: "No", not initially but "yes" later; "Yes" and "yes." Their plan to meet the next day didn't work out, so August's parents ended up having a "one-night stand." When August's father - as well as his mother -heard the music that August was conducting, they were drawn to it like magnets. With his back turned against the spectators, August got the feeling that his parents were there. When he turned around to look, he saw his mother and father. The mother and father instantly knew that August was their son and August knew they were his parents.


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