Corrected entry: I noticed that in many of the scenes the ribbons are missing from the uniforms.

Correction: That's very vague. Please point out at least one instance where this happens; give a reference to identify the scene, and which ribbons that should have been appearing on the uniform(s).


Corrected entry: When Stauffenberg is dressing himself after his injury where some fingers on one hand are amputated, and the other hand has been blown off completely. There is a close-up of his fully-fingered hand adjusting his collar.

Correction: The hands the camera's focused on are not that of Colonel von Stauffenberg but that of his adjunct, Lieutenant Haeften. Haeften still had his jacket on and was helping Stauffenberg with his coat collar and Haeften's sleeves can be seen in the close up shot of his hands. Haeften obviously still had all of his fingers and thumbs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Col. Stauffenburg is handing the revised Valkyrie papers to Adolf Hitler, the hand holding the papers has all 5 fingers. At the beginning of the movie, this hand has 2 of the fingers completely blown off.

Correction: The picture that has been posted with a different entry to this site disproves this; the hand is shown to have only three fingers.


Corrected entry: Key layouts on the many typewriters used throughout the movie have a QWERTY keyboard. However, German keyboards have QWERTZ layouts.

Correction: Utterly incorrect. Having watched the movie again, I saw three instances where you can see the typewriters and in every case they were 'QWERTZ' keyboards. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In a scene where Tom Cruise's character is attacked in the desert, right at the beginning of the film, textual information about the visual effects is visible in the lower left corner of the screen.

Correction: That is a fault with the theatre you viewed it in, the projectionist didn't frame the movie properly. A frame of film is square, but only a rectangular portion is shown - if the projector isn't set up properly the upper portion of the frame may be projected, which often contains microphones and other equipment which is of course never meant to be visible.


Corrected entry: At the very end of the film as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is about to be shot by the firing squad, Werner von Haeften stands in the way of the shots. Realistically, the shots would have passed through Colonel Brandt's body into Colonel Stauffenberg's.

Correction: Except in reality they didn't, since Stauffenberg's execution was as it happened onscreen.


Corrected entry: In the scene where General Fromm states Stauffenberg must salute Hitler on leaving Fromm's office. The rear shot of Cruise before he does so shows him holding his hat under his arm, but it cuts to him turning to Fromm and saying Heil Hitler the hat is firmly on Cruise's head.

Corrected entry: Tom Cruise appears in front of Hitler recently being promoted. His uniform, during this first scene with Hitler has a red background behind the two silver bars signifying his rank as a Colonel. In all other scenes, including later, chronological scenes in front of Hitler, the uniform reverts back to the silver bars only. The red flash, denoting promotion is missing.

Correction: The red flash and piping on his uniform is not indicative of a promotion. It indicates that he is a staff officer and is only worn in full dress, which he wears to meet Hitler the first time. At other times, he is wearing ordinary uniform and so does not have the red flash. The flashes between the silver bars on the collar do not indicate rank, but only branch of service - German army rank was worn only on the epaulettes.

Correction: An urban myth. In fact Hitler was ambidextrous; there are photos of him signing documents with both his left and right hands. See for a clear image of Hitler signing a document with his right hand.

Corrected entry: In the movie, Tresckow retrieves the box of Cointreau that does not explode. It was actually Schlabrendorff, Tresckow's adjutant, who retrieved it.

Correction: Artistic licence - this is not intended to be a documentary.

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Corrected entry: Lost count at 21: the least number of times you can see a boom-mike in the upper part of a scene. Especially noticeable are a long brown mike and a round mike with a white circle of tape around it. One time, the long brown mike is hidden in a chandelier.

Correction: This is more than likely a fault with the theatre you watched the movie in, obviously the projectionist didn't frame the movie properly, I find it unlikely in the extreme that 21 instances of a boom mike would make their appearance in a modern movie such as this.


Factual error: In one of the scenes, a bathroom is shown. The tub has modern fixtures, including a hand held massage/rinse nozzle with flexible metal hose.

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Henning von Tresckow: We have to show the world that not all of us are like him. Otherwise, this will always be Hitler's Germany.

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Trivia: Col. von Stauffenberg is inspired to use Operation Valkyrie to assassinate Hitler while listening to Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries". Stauffenberg actually disliked Wagner's music.

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