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Beowulf: I am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher... Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is Strength... and Lust... and Power! I AM beowulf.

Beowulf: If we die... it will be for glory, not gold.

Beowulf: Give him a gold piece and send him home. He has a story to tell.

Beowulf: The sea is my mother! She would never take me back to her murky womb.

Wiglaf: Your legend is known from the high seas and the snow barriers to the Great Island Kingdom - you are the Monster Slayer.
Beowulf: We men are the monsters now. The time of heroes is dead, Wiglaf - the Christ God has killed it, leaving humankind with nothing but weeping martyrs, fear, and shame.

Beowulf: You want your name in The Song of Beowulf? You think it sould end with me killed by some Frisian raider with no name?
Frisian Leader: I'm Finn of Frisia and my name shall be remembered forever.
Beowulf: Only if you kill me. Otherwise you're nothing.

Grendel's Mother: I know that underneath your glamor you're as much a monster as my son, Grendel.
Beowulf: My glamor.
Grendel's Mother: One needs glamor to become a king.

Beowulf: You think you're the first to try to kill me?

Beowulf: It's no Earthly storm, that much is for sure. But this demon's tempest will not hold us out if we really want in.

Beowulf: Take your damn horn. Leave my land in peace.
Grendel's Mother: Too late oh great one.

Beowulf: They say you have a monster here. They say your lands are cursed.
Soldier: Is that what they say?
Wiglaf: Bards sing of Hrothgar's shame from the frozen north to the shores of Vinland.
Soldier: There's no shame to be accursed by demons.
Beowulf: I am Beowulf and I'm here to kill your monster.

Grendel's Mother: Are you the one they call Beowulf? The Bee-Wolf. The bear. Such a strong man you are with the strength of a king. The king you will one day become.

Beowulf: How many monsters must I slay? Grendel's mother, father, Grende's uncle? Must I hack down a whole family tree of demons?
King Hrothgar: She is the last of them. Whith her gone, demonkind will slip back into the darkness from whence it came.
Wiglaf: And where it belongs.
Beowulf: And the mother's mate? Where is Grendel's father?
King Hrothgar: Grendel's father can do no harm to man.

Beowulf: Great friend, There is something you should know.
Wiglaf: Nay! There is nothing I should know. You are Beowulf. Beowulf the mighty, the hero! The slayer and destroyer of demons! Now let us kill this flying devil where it sleeps and get on with our bloody lives.

Wiglaf: Let's get you to a healer.
Beowulf: Not this time, old friend.
Wiglaf: You are Beowulf. A little thing like this isn't going to finish you off.

Wealthow: There have been many a brave soldier come to taste my husband's mead.

Beowulf: And you mighty Wiglaf, are you still with me?
Wiglaf: To the end.

Beowulf: Why not take that girl, and live out your remaining years in peace? Let some young hero save us.
Wealthow: And let the nightmare begin anew? No. I visited this horror upon my kingdom. I must be the one to finish her.
Wealthow: "Her..." Was she beautiful, Beowulf? A beauty so costly.
Beowulf: Beautiful, and full of fine promises. I was weak. I am sorry. So, so sorry. I have always loved you, my Queen.
Wealthow: And I you.

Continuity mistake: All wide shots of Hrothgar's hall show it in the outer ward of his fortress, about two hundred metres from the towers on the edge of the cliff, with open ground on three sides and an embankment on the fourth. But later several characters are able to step straight out of the hall onto a balcony that overhangs the cliffs and sea below.

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Trivia: While working on the screenplay for this movie, Neil Gaiman constantly had people misunderstand him, and believe he was writing an episode of "Baywatch". After the script was finished, he actually did adapt "Beowulf" again, setting it in a quasi-futuristic Baywatch-setting. It made its way into his anthology "Smoke and Mirrors", under the title "Bay Wolf".


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Question: Are there any lyrics available for what is being sung in the theme score ("Main Title" and "What we Need is a Hero")?

Answer: Lyrics can be found here


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