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The Lookout (2007)

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During the gang's heist Deputy Ted makes a return trip coming across a blowtorch used in the robbery, and notices Gary's reflection behind the pillar. Bone shuts off the lights, opens fire on Ted, a shootout erupts and thieves Marty then Cork die while Gary gets a bullet in the side. Ted is gunned down by Bone, prompting Chris to take off with their money. Bone kidnaps Lewis for the cash but in the exchange Chris shotgun blasts him, while Gary dies of his injuries. Chris is cleared of all charges by the feds and goes to work alongside Lewis in their restaurant, but has yet to approach Kelly over the accident.


Factual error: In the movie, highway signs for Route 24 show the number inside a sunflower, which designates it as a Kansas state route. But in fact, the Route 24 that passes through the Kansas City Metro area, where the film takes place, is a U.S. route and would show the number inside a shield.


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George: What are you drinking, Bruiser? Oh, is that a bottle of Cock Block?

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Trivia: Chris Pratt had planned to audition for the role of Chris Pratt, thinking he would land the role simply for having the same name as the character. However, he postponed the audition to go on a fishing trip, and by the time he had returned, Joseph Gordon-Levitt had been cast in the role.

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Question: When Chris is talking to Gary in the bar, he mentions that one of the side effects of his traumatic brain injury is that he randomly falls asleep. Would he actually be allowed to drive if that's the case? Seems like he would be required to disclose that to the DMV.

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Chosen answer: That's a good question! If this condition was known to his doctor, the doctor would have been required to notify the DMV and Chris would more than likely lose his driving privilege. However, there are medications, for example, used to treat narcolepsy that Chris might be prescribed in order to regain driving privileges. He'd have to have maybe a six-month period free of falling asleep before his doctor would notify the DMV that it is safe for Chris to resume driving.


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