Bee Movie

Corrected entry: When arriving at LAX airport, the trolleys are marked with "JFK".

Correction: If you're talking about the blue suitcase carts, the only thing we see is the company's logo, not JFK.


Corrected entry: When the trial judge is entering, you can see on the right a table where the company owners are standing. There are four people standing, one of which is Mr. Montgomery. In the next shot, there are four company owners standing there, not including Mr. Montgomery.

Correction: The four people mentioned, including Mr. Montgomery, are the lawyers, not the company owners. In the next shot, the four company owners are seated behind the lawyers, which is why Mr. Montgomery isn't there. You can see one of the lawyers, out of focus, in the foreground, on the right.


Corrected entry: When Barry gets to Honey Farms, he flies into a room with two bees. The bee on the left (the one crouching down) changes a few times from an old bee to a younger one, then back to old.

Correction: There is nothing about her age that changes in the scene. The only thing that noticeably changes is when she falls down, her beehive wig falls off. But she puts it back on when off camera.


Corrected entry: Vanessa calls Barry by the wrong name as she is walking out of the flower shop to go to the mailbox with their lawsuit. She says, "You know Greg, this lawsuit is a pretty big deal." (00:44:45)

Correction: Actually she says Barry rather quickly, but does indeed say Barry.

Corrected entry: Barry's parents tell him they will be in row 118,000, yet there are only maybe 10 rows of seats.

Correction: Yeah, but there's thousands of rows of bees.

Corrected entry: When the bees stop pollinating, Barry is shocked that the whole park is dead. How didn't he know by now? The scene is before he was in the hive, so surely he had to have seen the park while flying to Vanessa's store.

Correction: Barry was intent on seeing Vanessa. He just wasn't paying attention to anything else, the same as we humans do a lot of the time.


Corrected entry: At one point when Barry and Ken are at the dining table, Barry has half a pea and pieces of meat on his plate. About 10 seconds pass with him off camera, then it cuts back to him, and the olive is gone.

Correction: When it cuts back to Barry, yes the pea is gone, but you can see him chewing what looks to be a big piece of something, which was eaten during those ten seconds off screen.

Corrected entry: At the scene before the fight in the bathroom, there is a shot of the whole table in the dining room, and the wall behind it. As Vanessa leaves the dining room, Ken and Barry are sitting there. On the wall behind them there are pictures. One of the pictures is Crane, the bird in the Dreamworks animated film made after Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda.

Correction: Although there are pictures of birds on the wall, none of them are Crane.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Barry is stuck to the lorry's windscreen, we see the lorry driver turn on the windscreen wipers. There is a clear clean/dirty mark on the windscreen showing the area swept out by the wipers, but the wipers themselves only move for about two thirds of the distance across the screen.

Correction: Which is what often happens with wiper blades when the windshield is mostly dry, and the wiper motor is weak.

Corrected entry: When Barry is flying inside the car and the brakes are applied, he would not be thrown to a wall. Even though he is flying in the air, the air in the car is moving with the car. He is essentially moving as a part of the vehicle and will move slightly forward, since he is heavier than air, in the same direction we do when the car is braking.

Correction: How many thousands of cartoons do you think I can apply this disregard of Newtonian mechanics to? Almost every single Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Foghorn Leghorn, etc., cartoon plays on this. As Bugs once said, the law of gravity doesn't apply to him because he never studied law. The movie takes place in a cartoon universe where are laws of reality do not apply. If this one mistake stands, I can start sending in the mistakes dealing with bee physiology, the aerodynamics a flying bee wearing shoes, the impossibility of something as small as a bee being able to generate speech loud enough to be heard by humans. Call it "suspension of disbelief" or "their cartoon universe, their rules" but it is by no means a mistake.


Corrected entry: A male mosquito would have no interest in blood, only female mosquitoes consume blood.

Correction: Their cartoon universe, their rules. Bees aren't sentient in our reality, nor do they wear sweaters.


Corrected entry: When Barry is chasing after the Honey Farms truck, he grabs onto the strap of a backpack belonging to a bicycle rider, and the rider notices this and turns his head. How could a bike rider, traveling at high speed, notice that a bee had landed on his backpack?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: He didn't notice Barry had landed on his backpack. He heard Barry shout and turned to see who was behind him. He didn't see Barry at all or else he probably would have freaked out like everyone else in the movie does when they see a bee.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene were Barry is going to find out where the honey is coming from, he puts two stripes of black paint on his face. Later on, when he is chasing the truck of honey, he looks around and the stripes of paint have vanished.

Correction: Before Barry got out on the street, he was struck by a puff of steam. This steam removed the two stripes of black paint on Barry's face and the black stripe covering Barry's yellow stripe on his body.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Barry is in the car with the humans, the mom shouts "Freeze" to everybody, and in the very left bottom of the screen you can see the dad's arm moving slightly.

Correction: So? Just because she yells freeze, doesn't mean everyone can do it, especially someone who's nervous.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Other mistake: After all the plants have stopped being pollenated when the pollen jocks are getting ready for liftoff you see the branches outside the window have green leaves.

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Adam Flayman: Wow! She looked hot.
Barry B. Benson: She's my cousin.
Adam Flayman: She is?
Barry B. Benson: Yes, we're all cousins.

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Trivia: The bear in the courtroom is actually Vincent from Dreamworks' Over the Hedge.

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