Rise of the Footsoldier

Continuity mistake: When Eddie is about to be interrogated by the Turks, he's tied up with his hat on. In the next shot his hat is off, and just as the Turk administers the truth shot he rips Eddie's hat of his head.

Factual error: After Carlton Leach and his friends have been tricked by the kids, a huge fight starts, and police arrive to break it up, a Ford Sierra is seen in the background. The fight is set in 1982, but the model shown is from the early 1990's - impossible for 1982.

Factual error: In the scene where Carlton is explaining the history of his ICF mates, Eddie is seen downing a pint. The glass is a Carling pint glass, which only got made in the late 90's.


Factual error: The police car that arrives to break up the fight, is 'D' registered, which came out in 1987. However, that scene was set in 1982. (00:10:22)

Continuity mistake: Jack and Darren are sitting in a VW in the pub car park waiting for the Range Rover. They're in a different VW when arriving at Jack's drop off. (01:37:03 - 01:38:20)

Carlton Leach: We never did find out who took the heroin, and I'm guessing there's some cunt out there praying we never do.


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