The Darjeeling Limited

Continuity mistake: Francis' bandages change from shot to shot. Example: When they first leave their compartment on the train to go get a drink, they make their way along an aisle. When Francis says "I want you both to know it", the blue pad is visible over his right ear, but the shot changes as he turns around to say "I love you, Peter." and the blue pad is completely hidden under the white vertical bandage. (00:05:35)


Continuity mistake: After Peter says "I'm gonna hold this in for a while", the shot changes and instantly his kerchief is much lower, covering his eyebrows completely where they were fully exposed before. (00:37:20)


Continuity mistake: At the Hindi boy's funeral, a man is first seen standing next to the boy's feet. The shot changes and he is instantly at the bottom of the boy's feet as he begins to chant. The shot changes again and he's back at the side of the boy's feet, still chanting. (01:02:15)


Continuity mistake: Jack looks back over his shoulder. Beyond him we see people at the end of the dining car - none in bright green jackets. The shot changes and now we see several men and a young woman standing at the end of the dining car, and one of the men is the steward that punched their tickets earlier (bright green jacket, long black beard and turban). The shot changes to Jack, still looking back over his shoulder, and he says "I want that stewardess". In this shot, ahead of him (at the right of the shot) we see the very same steward that should be talking to the woman at the other end of the car. The angle now reverses to show Jack from the front and in the background, the green-jacket man has vanished. (00:11:00)


Continuity mistake: An Indian man sitting next to Francis holds a newspaper up. It is wide open, and the pages face almost straight across the table toward Jack. Francis asks "Have you heard anything from Mom?" and the shot changes. Instantly the man has turned himself and the paper, so that now the paper is less open and its fold now points more toward Peter. (00:08:20)


Continuity mistake: When Peter throws the belt at Francis, Peter's face is covered with shaving cream. When Francis reacts and grabs him, Peter's face has been wiped clean of the cream. (00:44:40)

Continuity mistake: In the end, when the three brothers are jumping on the train, they throw their bags on the sand. When they look back, the bags are lying on concrete. There is no sand around at all. Also, the train on the rails beside them appears out of nowhere. (01:24:15 - 01:24:50)


Continuity mistake: Whenever Peter Whitman is wearing his father's glasses, there is no magnification to them. When Francis tries them on, they are heavily magnified. (00:02:40 - 00:34:05)

Brendan: Why are your eyes so red?
Francis: Why is your head so bald?

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