Hallam Foe

Hallam Foe (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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Hallam tries to drown Verity in the lake his mother died in, but snaps back to his senses in time and saves her. Julius coming to her aid informs his son that he put the holes in the boat his wife went out in as a deterent to her...it didn't work. He tells Hallam that if anyone is to blame for his wife's death it's him. Hallam his mind at long last atease heads back to the capital and reconciles with Kate Breck. He leaves his job, her and the city and heads off (pressuambly) back home.


Kate Breck: Is there a love in your life?
Hallam Foe: She's dead. Would you like to meet her?
Kate Breck: I like creepy guys.

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