The Game Plan
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Joe Kingman: My dad never let me have sugar.
Peyton Kelly: Is that why you never smile?

Karen Kelly: That's not your decision to make. Sara appointed me her guardian.
Joe Kingman: I missed 8 years of Peyton's life. And I'm not gonna miss any more. And I will fight for this.
Karen Kelly: Oh, that would be a great thing to put her through, don't you think? Do you have any idea how to take care of a child?
Joe Kingman: I've been doing it for a month now.
Karen Kelly: And look where we're standing, Joe.

Joe Kingman: You don't get abs like these eating peanut butter patties.

Peyton Kelly: My mommy says Fanny's Burgers make kids fat and give you gas.

Joe Kingman: Then you get inside people's minds, and you drive them crazy, just like her.
Peyton Kelly: Well at least I got a mind, because if I didn't, I'd be just like you.

Joe Kingman: What did you put in those cookies?
Peyton Kelly: Um, milk, flour, eggs, cinnamon.
Joe Kingman: Cinammon? I'm allergic to cinnamon.
Peyton Kelly: I'm sorry.
Joe Kingman: You're sowry? I'm talking like t'his and all you can say is you're sowry?
Peyton Kelly: I'm allergic to nuts.

Karen Kelly: How are things going there?
Peyton Kelly: Terrific, the food's not all that great, but my room is huge.

Monique Vasquez: Fathers are the ones that pick you up and give you the courage to do stuff you never thought you could.

Joe Kingman: I have an answer to your question, P. Win or lose today, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Joe Kingman: Bostun Webels, experience the heat. Buston Webels, catch the magik. Buston Webels, catch... who wites this?

Joe Kingman: Hey, P, you're awake. How you feeling?
Peyton Kelly: I'm okay. I want to go home.
Joe Kingman: Okay. No problem. Doctor said you could come home tomorrow. Then we can go home.
Peyton Kelly: I want to go home now with Aunt Karen.
Joe Kingman: P, if it's... if it's what I said at the restaurant, honey, I didn't mean that.
Peyton Kelly: I just want to go home with Aunt Karen. I never should've come here.

Continuity mistake: When Joe gets injured and he insists the back-up quarterback goes in, he takes his wristband with all the plays on it off, so it can be given to the back-up. When the back-up quarterback is shown running on the field, he does not have it on, but when they show the back-up on the field, he does have the plays wristband on.

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Trivia: The photo used on the newspaper clipping of Joe Kingman and his wife is actually a real photo of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his wife Dany on their wedding day.

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