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The Game Plan (2007)

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Continuity mistake: When Joe gets injured and he insists the back-up quarterback goes in, he takes his wristband with all the plays on it off, so it can be given to the back-up. When the back-up quarterback is shown running on the field, he does not have it on, but when they show the back-up on the field, he does have the plays wristband on.

Factual error: The restaurant Joe opens and his apartment at 1 Charles are actually less than a city block apart, so there is no need to drive across Boston to get there.

Other mistake: When the cleaning crew is leaving Joe's apartment, you can see a green Oreck commercial vacuum. The handle is on backwards.

Other mistake: One football player shakes up a soda as a prank, but when he opens it (not knowing that this is the shaken soda), the amount of drink is not in proportion to what would actually come out of a soda that has been shaken.

Continuity mistake: When the Rebels offense are in the huddle at the start of the movie (right before Kingman runs it in for a TD) he calls the cadence as "on one". The snap comes on a two count.


Revealing mistake: The scene where the camera pans the stadium about 3/4 of the way through the film looked like a scale model with a fake background.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where everything is being ground up in the blender, Joe puts Peyton's glass on top of her notebook. A few minutes later, when the blender's contents explode over everything, we see a shot of Joe dragging Peyton back over to her notebook. But instead of the glass still being on the notebook, it has moved onto the table.


Continuity mistake: The amount of shake in Peyton's glass changes between Joe serving it and the blender exploding.


Continuity mistake: When the rebels win the championship, Kyra Sedgwick and the owner of the burger company are at one box of the stadium, but only few seconds later they are at the field with Joe.

Factual error: In all the scenes where the team is on the field playing football, the ball has white stripes. It is understood that the movie is based in the NFL. However, NFL footballs are a solid color; no stripes. Striped balls are used in College and HS football only.

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Suggested correction: The movie is not based on the NFL, it's a fictional league, the American Football Federation. However, it's wrong that only college and high school footballs have the white stripe. The Canadian Football League (a professional league), USA Football, and the International Federation of American Football all use footballs with white stripes.


Joe Kingman: You don't get abs like these eating peanut butter patties.

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Trivia: The photo used on the newspaper clipping of Joe Kingman and his wife is actually a real photo of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his wife Dany on their wedding day.

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