Eastern Promises

Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen) is a FSB mole in the Russian mob and plans to replace Semyon (Kirill's father) as head of the family. At the hospital, he tells Anna (Naomi Watts) that her uncle is in Scotland. Anna and Nikolai stop Kirill (Vincent Cassel) before he kills the baby; Kirill wanted to kill her because when the police compare the baby's DNA with Semyon's DNA that will prove that Semyon raped Tatiana (the baby's mother) and he'll go to jail. Nikolai says good-bye to Anna and she adopts the baby. The final scene implies that Nikolai is now in charge of the family.


Continuity mistake: When Nikolai is sitting in the chair in the brothel, his jacket sleeve is pulled up to his elbow. When Kiril pulls Nikolai to his feet, the sleeve is pulled all the way down. (00:34:00)

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Anna: Why are you doing this, why are you helping us?
Nikolai Luzhin: I can't become king if someone else already sits on the throne.

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