Shoot 'Em Up
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Hertz: Come on, Smith, come on, guns don't kill people - but they sure help.

DQ: Why don't you just take the baby to the police?
Smith: I can't go to the police.
DQ: Why not?
Smith: I'm the Unabomber.
DQ: They caught the Unabomber.
Smith: That's what they think.

Hertz: My God, do we really suck, or is this guy really that good?!

Man Who Rides Shotgun: Don't you think you should hang back?
Hertz: The leader who stays in the rear, takes it in the rear.

Smith: [While looking at a freezer fuul of donated sperm.] There seems to be only one donor. And a generous one at that.

Smith: I'm a British nanny - and I'm dangerous.

Hammerson: Are you just a pussy, with a gun in your hand?
Hertz: No sir, no, I'm a tough guy, with a pussy in my hand.

The Lone Man: You know, we were never trying to kill you. We were just trying to scare you into surrendering.
Smith: Well, that's one way to explain why you can't shoot straight.

Continuity mistake: During the love scene between Smith and Donna, when the killers first come in the door, Smith's pants keep changing from being down (while he is having sex with Donna) to up around his waist like normal as he rolls off of the bed.

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