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Corrected entry: If all of Smith's fingers are broken to the point where he can't shoot a gun anymore, how did he get the magazine out of the gun, took the bullets out of the magazine, and put them between his fingers?


Correction: While he would obviously be in a lot of pain, his hands are still able to move.

Corrected entry: If a human fell from 30,000 feet and lands on the ground without being slowed down by a parachute or something, the body would splatter apart like a water balloon.


Correction: People HAVE fallen from extremely high altitudes and lived. Vesna Vulovic, a stewardess, fell from 33000 feet, in the tail section of a plane, but not strapped into a seat. A WWII pilot survived a 22000 foot fall when his plane was shot down, and he lost consciousness before pulling his ripcord. There are other examples.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mr. Smith drops his gun in the toilet, he proceeds to clean it as though guns are not waterproof. The worst part of this scene is that the gun does fail to fire since it's apparently wet. Guns will fire when submerged in water so they will certainly fire when wet.

Correction: He cleans the gun because it just fell into a VERY disgusting toilet bowl. It's not something he would want on his hands, especially since he'll be handling a baby. After he has finished assembling the gun again and tries firing, he discovers to his (and the audience's) surprise that the gunpowder in the shells had gotten wet as well, which is why the gun does not fire.


Corrected entry: During the robbery at the end of the film, one of the wannabe badguys extends his left middle digit towards Mr. Smith, who then shoots it off. Since the gunsel's torso was directly behind the extended finger, the bullet, unless it was deflected by the upraised phalange, should have ended its journey somewhere around his left lung.

Correction: In between the shot of him extending his middle finger and the actual shooting, a couple of seconds pass where the camera is on Smith. In these seconds, the gunman is also shown to be reacting to Smith's tricks with the gun, which means he had time and opportunity to move both his body and his hand.


Corrected entry: Smith picks up the baby's mother to run away from Hertz after he finds out the gun won't shoot because of the finger prints reader. On the way to the stairs, she gets a bullet in her forehead. But Hertz is shooting from behind her, so the shot should be in the back of her head.


Correction: Smith is carrying her in his arms, so her body is across his (and mostly shielded). This means that while Smith's back is towards Hertz, hers is not. If she turned her head just slightly (to keep an eye on Hertz, for instance), her forehead would be exposed to catch the bullet.


Corrected entry: Smith is attacked by several henchmen in his warehouse apartment. He grabs the baby and jumps on the rollers of a conveyor, sliding across the room and shooting two of the bad guys in front of him while a third runs up behind the conveyor. When Smith gets to the end of the rollers he stops himself, hangs down over the end of the rollers, and shoots the man at the far end of the conveyor in the chest. If you work out the math on the angle he is firing from and the length of the conveyor, it is an impossible shot. The man would have to be at least 27 feet behind the conveyor for the bullet to clear the rollers and hit him in the chest; in reality he was standing much closer.

BocaDavie Premium member

Correction: This falls into the category of willing suspension of disbelief. Most people wouldn't get killed by a carrot to the head, either. It's just one example of the over the top nature of the movie, and can't be considered a mistake since it was done on purpose.

Corrected entry: When the guy jumps through the sunroof, the sunroof breaks into several large pieces. Sunroof glass is tempered and very strong. If the glass broke, it would shatter into small pieces, not large ones.

Ian Hunt

Correction: It never breaks into large pieces. When he shoots it, the bullet holes cause it to shatter in place. Then he falls through it and it breaks apart into the tiny pieces.

Corrected entry: Smith joins Senator Rutledge on the aircraft, the plane takes off headed for Washington, and they go through the whole standoff routine. Yet, despite all the time elapsed, when Smith lands amid the scattered body parts, he's back in his old neighborhood.

Correction: It was all part of the plan to trap Smith. The plane wasn't actually going anywhere, just circling.

Corrected entry: In the very beginning we see Mr. Smith eating a carrot. He bites the pointed end and eats it. Later he kills the bad guy by sticking the carrot in his mouth and punching it through the back of his head. The carrot, as it's sticking out the bad guy's head, now has no signs of being bitten at all and has its original point on it.

Frank Scialdone

Correction: Smith has more than one carrot on his person. He had a carrot two thirds gone that he was dipping in his soup/coffee when he was sitting on the bench watching the woman run by, then he had another carrot that he bit the end off of. He obviously had another carrot which he used to kill the henchman.

Phixius Premium member

Factual error: In the final standoff, Smith shoots Hertz by holding cartridges between his fingers in the fire. This is not remotely believable. The casings, weighing much less than the bullets, would have been blasted off while the bullets themselves would have gone nowhere. (01:15:15)


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DQ: Why don't you just take the baby to the police?
Smith: I can't go to the police.
DQ: Why not?
Smith: I'm the Unabomber.
DQ: They caught the Unabomber.
Smith: That's what they think.

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