That'll Be the Day

That'll Be the Day (1973)

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Factual error: The records played in the fairground sequence "Sealed with a kiss" by Brian Hyland and "Runaway" by Del Shannon date from the early sixties, while this part of the film is set in 1959.


Factual error: While all the main characters in this film are correctly attired for when the film is set (the sixties) the extras clothes and hair styles are current from when this film was made in 1973.

Other mistake: When Terry visits Jim in his grotty room, Jim pulls out his Buddy Holly LP and tells his friend he's been waiting months to hear it. When he places it on the turntable, and plays it, what comes out is 'Donna' by Richie Valens.

Sir John Danvers

Mike: You'll like Bath... better class of fuck in Bath.

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