Mee-Shee: The Water Giant

There is a whole family of Mee-Shee hiding out in the lake. Whilst trying to capture/kill one of the Water-Giant youngsters Snead, Watkins & Pilot succeed in only p***ing off the adults who first create a whirlpool which sucks Snead down to be drowned, then bite hold of the steel container (to be used to transport said Mee-She) Watkins is hiding in and cause it to be dropped some considerable distance into the deep dragging down the helicopter (that was carrying it) still linked to it . If the impact of the crate striking the water hasn't finished off Watkins...then the plummeting chopper landing on top of him to explode certainly completes the job. Having got back Alaskoil's sunken arctic oil machinery. Sean Cambell ponders on how much more pollution it'll end up causing. Deciding any further ecological disasters due to this drill isn't worth it, he dumps it back a depth where it will be imploded.


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