Character mistake: In the opening scene, Donnie the spotter gives the range to the the truck as "870 yards and closing." It cannot be "closing" as the camera angle through the scope shows the vehicle driving right to left but definitely diagonally away from them, not toward them. This is further reinforced because the adjusted range for where they choose to take the shot is given as 900 yards. (00:03:45)

Character mistake: At his cabin, Swagger asks if the Suburban has the big engine, the 8 liter. There's no 8 liter engine option for a Suburban.

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Suggested correction: Not in 2007 (when the movie was released) but the 2006 range included an 8.1 L / 320 BHP engine. (This is only a valid correction if that truck was a 2006 model. Can anyone comment?).

Character mistake: Mark Wahlberg is asking to take a pic of the engine in the Suburban near the beginning of the film. He asks if this if this is the new 8.0L when in fact this is actually a half ton Suburban which was only equipped with a 5.3L.

Continuity mistake: Mark Wahlberg cuts through the back seat to get access to medical supplies in the boot - other stuff is visible in there too. But shortly afterwards when he reverses it into the water, the boot pops open and it's now completely empty.

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Trivia: When Swagger is recuperating from the makeshift operation, it's shown that he has a third nipple below the left nipple.

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Question: In the scene where Swagger and Memphis go to talk to the old man, why does the old man look at their hands? What is he looking for?

Answer: He's looking for callouses on the hands. Professional snipers end up getting hard skin inbetween the webbed part of the skin between the thumb and forefinger because of constant rubbing on the trigger guard. By checking the hands, he could tell whether or not he was talking to a proper sniper, and in particular Swagger.


The webbing between the thumb and forefinger would rub on the stock or grip not the trigger guard.

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