Question: Why does Laurie drop off mail (that her father gave her) to the Myers house, which is abandoned? Why bring mail to an abandoned house?


Answer: Laurie's father, Mason Strode, is a realtor who owns Strode Real Estate, and there's a realty sign post in the front yard of the old Myers house. Mason tells Laurie, "They're coming by to look at it later," so we know he's talking about people interested in buying the old property. When Michael sniffs the envelope we see the Strode Real Estate logo, and it presumably contains realtor's paperwork which is pertinent to the sale of the house, and is meant for the people who will be coming by later.

Super Grover

Question: From what I understand in this movie Michael Myers is some psycho kid that grew up to kill again. How is he surviving direct gunshots? Is he somehow bulletproof? I don't get it.

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: In the original "Halloween" movie series, the Michael Myers character is evil personified. He is SO evil, in fact, that he is bulletproof and killproof. He survives all attempts to destroy him much like Jason Voorhees in the ALL the "Friday the 13th" a series.


Yes, but that is because of all that cult of Thorn crap that is revealed in part 6, The Curse of Michael Myers. In Rob Zombie's version, Michael seems to be a "normal," as in human, kid.

But the cult storyline wasn't in their wheelhouse when they made the original. Michael would have had to been a regular child before the murder of his sister. He wasn't regarded as super human in the first two movies. In the original and Rob's remake, Myers survives being shot multiple times.

Answer: He is still a human, but in John Carpenter's version he can't die because of the curse, and in Rob's version though, he's practically a tank.

Question: Why did Michael stop attacking his sister and take off the mask, showing her the picture?

Answer: He was hoping that Laurie would realise that she's really his sister. However, because Laurie was just a baby and raised by another family, she had no idea why Michael was showing her the picture or what it had to do with her.

Question: Why is it that every policeman in the state of Illinois is not alerted to the fact that an escaped serial killer is on the loose, and how would Laurie not know that she is related to the Myers, seeing as she was adopted to a family that only lived 3 houses away, wouldn't word of mouth leak that secret?

Answer: These are all answered in the movie. The institution didn't want people to panic and they knew it would be a huge embarrassment to them if everyone knew a psychopath was able to escape. As for Laurie not knowing. It is explained by the cop that when he responded to the 911 when Michael's mom killed herself he saw the baby and didn't want her to grow up with the stigma attached to the Myers family. He took her, made no record of her ever being there, and dropped her off at a hospital out of state. He then found out that the family adopted her, but I'm not sure they knew where she came from. No one knew she was Michael's sister. Had they known, she would probably have been hounded her whole life for being related to him, as her mom was. (It was mentioned that his mom was labeled Satan's mother because of Michael's actions).

It's always bothered me that Rob used such a stupid explanation for Laurie's backstory. She stays in the same town where Michael wiped out her entire family, then Michael returns 15 years later and happens to encounter his sister after Mr. Strode asks her to drop off mail to the very house she was recovered from after Michael's rampage? It's just way too coincidental. I love The RZ07 remake, but the plot is full of holes.

Answer: Sherriff Bracket explained that he took Laurie a few towns over and dropped her off at the hospital. He then hears from his friends the Strodes that they have adopted a baby not knowing she was Michael's sister.

Question: Why did Michael take his mask off and show the picture of them, not wanting to hurt her? Can someone explain?

Answer: Michael is trying to show Laurie that they are siblings and that he (presumably) means her no harm. Since Laurie was a baby, she didn't mistreat him like everyone else does, so she seems to be the only person he is not driven to kill. (Similar to his mother, who treated him well.) However, Laurie doesn't understand and tries to kill him, causing him to then interpret her as an enemy.


Question: Why did young Michael kill the nurse? She saw a picture of Laurie as a baby and complimented her. Why would this drive Michael to kill her?

Answer: To be fair, she also makes a snide comment about how the cute baby "couldn't possibly be related" to Michael, implying he's ugly. (At least in the unrated version, which is the most widely available version on home video. Not sure if this line is in the theatrical cut.) So she did also insult Michael. But the fact of the matter is Michael is psychotic, and felt compelled to kill her for one reason or another. Whether it be because she insulted him, because the picture of his sister set him off, or simply because he just wanted to murder her... he acted on his impulse to kill. I don't necessarily think there's always a rhyme or reason as to why he kills in the Rob Zombie films... he simply kills anyone who gets in his way or that he comes across.


Question: In John Carpenter's version, Michael knew who his sister was because of some kind of evil power that enabled him to recognize her. In Rob Zombie's version, he is taken to a mental institution, apparently wasn't possessed by evil and hadn't seen her in years, so how was he able to recognize her?

Answer: John Carpenter's version never had the two of them as siblings. This wasn't the case until the sequel when the studio needed to add a plot twist to the film so they wouldn't be making the same exact film again. In Zombie's version, Laurie drops the mail off for her father at the Myers' house that has her address on it. That is how he begins stalking her because he goes and murders her adopted parents, but I'm not sure how he realizes they are brother and sister.

Question: I saw this film in theaters, and from what I remember, the implication was that Loomis was killed by Michael. But when I watched the Director's Cut DVD, it seems that Loomis is still alive, albeit injured and weakened, as he grabs Michael to distract him. Was this changed from the theatrical version, or am I just not remembering properly? Because it is a fairly dramatic change in the overall story.

Answer: According to IMdB, yes, the ending is different in the theatrical and Director's Cut versions, with Loomis dying in one and surviving in the other.


Question: The police were called after killing his family; his mom returning shortly before they arrive. Did Michael call them?

Answer: Most likely his mom called them. She could sense something was wrong, and then the scene transitions, and the police are already there, so some time has passed. She probably went inside, found all the bodies, and called the police.


Answer: He knew she was Laurie's friend.

But he didn't spare Lynda, and she was also Laurie's friend.


Lynda was vulgar towards him in the beginning, and they also broke into what used to be his home to have sex. Honestly, not surprised he ended up killing her and her boyfriend (who are another representation of his sister and her boyfriend whom he killed).

Annie was either bait or he just had not finished yet.

Factual error: Federal institutions have strict rules for inmates or patients based on the reason for their incarceration, including substituting metal utensils with safer plastic ones. Despite being convicted of brutally killing his family, Myers is still trusted with a sharp metal fork - resulting in the nurse's death.

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Dr. Samuel Loomis: Inside every one us, there exists a dark side. Most people rise above it, but some are consumed by it. Until there is nothing left, but pure evil.

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