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Corrected entry: In one scene, Cody has a poisonous thorn-type thing in his foot. After removing it, "Big Z" needs to neutralise the poison, which he does by (quote) "peeing" on the wound. Big Z is a penguin, a bird, and birds don't pee. Obviously, when creatures have been anamorphized, they will do things that they can't in nature (like talk in English!), but it is still, strictly, wrong.

Correction: And yet no mistake is submitted about the animals speaking in human language. Because it, like the peeing, falls under the category of "suspension of disbelief" and is therefore not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Cody notices he lost his necklace his reaction helps to make Geek aware of how much he has changed. Hovewer, Cody has his necklace in the previous scene (sure-fire cure, in Geek's house) up to the point when Lani stuns him, after which Cody doesn't regain consciousness until morning (clearly visible on his neck). At that point, Cody's necklace somehow transfers itself to another room where Geek finds it later (Geek couldn't have moved it, since he has to search his house to find it, nor could Lani, who went home earlier, or Cody, who has been unconscious the whole time).

Correction: Geek notices Cody's necklace when he is unconscience. He removes the necklace and throws it over his shoulder in disgust. That is why later he has to search the house for it. You can see Geek throwing the necklace away in the background. It is just hard to spot the first time around.

Continuity mistake: Right before the final race, there is a wide shot of all the surfers. In that shot, Cody has his Big Z necklace that he chucked earlier.

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Ivan "Fire Urchin": Stepped on me, stepped on me? Are you kidding? This guy was dancing on me! I mean just look at this, broken, broken, gone, gone, broken, broken, broken.

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Trivia: Tank's eyes are two different colors - brown and blue.


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Question: Can someone please tell me all of the times in the movie where UFOs can be seen?

Answer: There is a UFO in the "Z is for Zurfing" scene and one where it shows Chicken Joe's dad, Chicken Bob in the background of the bucket.

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