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Corrected entry: In the Chase scene where Fogel and Seth are running through yards to escape the police, Seth trips over the little kids camping in their backyard and drops the laundry detergent jug, he gets up and jumps over the fence and the jug is still nowhere in sight. However seconds later he is again seen carrying the jug as he runs away.

Il Duce

Correction: When Seth is climbing the fence he throws the jug over, you should be able to see him doing so.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Seth is telling his Home Ec teacher why he doesn't like the class, he says, "There's three weeks left of school, gimme a f*ckin break." But, in the beginning of the movie when Seth and Evan drive up to school, the school board reads "Two glorious weeks until graduation." And when Evan is drilling holes into a piece of wood in one of his classes (in the extended version), he says, "Two weeks, f*ck it."

Correction: My high school's seniors graduated a week before that school year actually ended. The finals had already been done and there was nothing important scheduled for the seniors on the last week following the graduation, so technically there are three weeks of school left, but only two for the seniors.


Corrected entry: After Seth goes to "rob" the supermarket's liquor, Fogell and Evan are talking about Fogell's TV. However, in the next shot, they seem to be standing in the same position, but in another place completely. The supermarket behind them is no more; there are shadows upon them even though they were standing in the sun the previous shot; the parked vehicles behind them change completely; they stand closer to the parking area; and even the time of day is not the same (from sunset, since it's after school, to midday). Also, Evan points at the off-screen Seth, somewhere on the left side of the screen, yet he should be behind them. Note that it is the same scene. (00:30:10)

Correction: Having just watched this scene, there doesn't seem to be any kind of continuity error like the one described.


Corrected entry: When they are in class at the beginning, the teacher is talking about imaginary numbers and says that i multiplied by i equals 1, but i multiplied by i actually equals -1.

Correction: The math teacher in fact says "then i squared equals negative one".

Corrected entry: When Evan is outside the party, he receives a call from Becca and complains about his cell phone service and no bars. Yet when he receives the call, his cellphone shows that he has full bars.


Correction: Even with full bars, it's still possible to have bad reception.

Corrected entry: During the credits we see the penis drawings that Seth made as a child. In the pic of the train-penis being driven by a conductor, the words above say Choo-Coho instead of Choo-Choo.

Correction: So an eight-year-old Seth made a grammatical error. That sort of spelling mistake happens all the time, with people of all ages. Makes the drawing more authentic looking, really.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Evan is at the party (which the guy who hit Seth with his car took them to), Evan and Becka are calling each other trying to arrange their alcohol situation. Evan's phone cuts out, so he goes in the house to call Becka from the house phone. When Becka receives the phone call, she checks the caller ID and says, "Its Evan." But the caller ID would show the name of the homeowner - the person that is on the house phone bill. She would not know who is calling her.

Correction: Since they were just recently disconnected, she could rightly assume that an incoming call from an unknown number would be him calling from a different phone line.

Corrected entry: When Seth is talking to Jewles about the booze, Seth keeps pushing his bag up towards his arm. But he does it once when the camera is facing him and does the same thing when the camera is facing Jewles towards the end of the talk.


Correction: That statement is completely true, although there's no mistake at all. He adjusts it frequently. Just because he "did it again" doesn't make it a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where young Becka picks up the picture of the penis, her nails are painted red, but when it shows the picture, the hands holding it have unpolished nails.

Correction: Having just watched the scene in question, they are polished in all of the shots.

Corrected entry: When Seth finally brings the alcohol to the party, a guy with glasses and a plaid shirt is seen behind him following him. In the next scene, when Evan is talking to Becca, the same guy can be seen on the gazebo with them. (01:23:50)

Correction: There is enough time that he is off screen (when Evan is talking to Gabby) for him to make his way over there by the time Even gets there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Seth gets his car towed from the school, watch Fogel as the three of them walk into the parking lot. Right as Fogel says, "I mean, why would you park in the staff?" he looks at the ground to where he is supposed to stand.

Correction: Can you please explain how this is a mistake? Is there tape, or something to tell where to stand? Looking down doesn't constitute a character or any other type of mistake.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the very first scene, Seth, on his cell phone, explains to Evan the porn site "Vagtastic Voyage" as if Evan had never heard of it. But later that day, when Evan tells Becca of the guys' previous Saturday night, the flashback shows them watching that very porn site.

Correction: Evan's exact words were "Which site was that?" Its possible that Evan didn't remember looking at that specific site, and its also possible that they viewed multiple sites that night and he couldn't remember exactly which one was the Vagtastic Voyage.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Seth is talking to Jewels in Home Ec class about going to parties, he's sprinkling something on the dessert, and puts the container down, but in the next shot, he's sprinkling it on the dessert again.

Correction: Seth's hand never comes off of the container. So he really never puts the container down. He just pauses while he is sprinkling to listen to Jewels, then he continues sprinkling.

Corrected entry: When Fogel is in the cop car with the two cops the first time, they get a call about a disturbance at a bar and they respond as "car 94" but some following scenes later, they are called to another disturbance as "car 98"

Correction: When Slater and Michaels get the call about the bar disturbance, Slater replies "Car 98 on it", and later as car 98 as well. Never once are they referred to as car 94.

Corrected entry: Evan tells Seth in the cafeteria, "I have to go meet my counselor to pick my classes for next year." Seth is a senior going to Dartmouth next year. You don't go to a high school counselor to pick classes (or even make recommendations) for your freshman year at college.

Correction: He didn't say the high school counselor, he said his counselor. Many colleges send reps to high schools to help students with the enrollment process. Evan is talking about the representative from the college he plans to attend.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Evan states that he and Seth have been best friends since they were 8 years old (which is approximately second grade). Seth later explains why he doesn't like Becca - we see the flashback to fourth grade in which Seth's picture of "genitalia" was seen by Becca, sending Seth the principal's office, Seth into counseling, etc. If they were already best friends, how could Evan not known of this big event in Seth's life, which was made public by Seth's trip to the office?

Correction: Kids get sent to the principal's office all the time. Given the nature of this event I really doubt the details were divulged to the other fourth grade students. It's not likely Seth talked about it before now, given how uncomfortable he is while telling Evan about years later.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Seth and Evan are waiting outside the liquor store, next to the keymaking drive-thru, Seth gets hit by the car that is backing up, in a DRIVE-THRU. The car should have been going forward.

Correction: That's rather the point, isn't it. The car's SUPPOSED to be going forwards, but some idiot (and somebody being an idiot is not a mistake) has backed up and caused the accident.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the flashback scene in which Becca is shown picking up the paper the Seth has drawn "genitalia" on, the paper momentarily folds over on itself revealing a blank backside with no writing or drawing on it.

Correction: The page isn't blank, you can see the outlines of the drawing.


Corrected entry: During the kitchen tackle scene, McLovin is shown wearing a watch. However, in several shots during this scene his left sleeve is pushed up to where the watch should be, revealing a bare wrist.

Correction: You can still see the watch under the sleeve.


Corrected entry: A windshield in a car is held in by a heavy and very strong adhesive. To remove a windshield requires cutting the adhesive and wouldn't be possible by simply kicking it out like done to the police car.

Ian Hunt

Correction: It depends on how old the adhesive is, whether it cured properly, and whether the windshield was properly seated in the adhesive. I have kicked out a windshield after an accident, and I have had a windshield pop out when I hit a pothole.

Continuity mistake: In the shot just before Jules' friend asks, "Can you get us booze?" Seth's collar is folded inwards. In the shot just afterward, it's unfolded, partially obscuring the strap on his bag.

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Seth: He is the sweetest guy. Have you ever looked into his eyes? It was like the first time I heard the Beatles.

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Trivia: Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse was only 17 during the filming of the movie, creating some problems with shooting due to child labor laws. During pre-production, he was not allowed to see certain props or items from the film (such as Seth's phallic drawings), and his sex-scene had to be very carefully monitored and edited, as certain "actions" (such as too much skin, certain types of movements or positions, etc.) would violate the law.


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