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Riff Raff: Aaaah! I'm naked.

Shoeshine Boy: There's no need for fright. Underdog can bite.

Shoeshine Boy: Destiny's a fumny thing. It'll creep up on you when you least expect it.

Jack: It's time to teach you some manners.
Shoeshine Boy: Right. I'm going to learn manners from a guy who pees in my white porcelain drinking bowl.

Shoeshine Boy: When I'm bored, I just chase my tail. If you're lucky, you throw up, and bingo, lunch part two.

Molly: You and your boss are not gonna get away with this.
Cad: He's not my boss, we're partners.
Molly: Well then, why are you doing this?
Cad: Because my partner would fire me if I don't.

Shoeshine Boy: He says he thinks they should see other people. She says... Wait people eat that too.

Dan Unger: Give him a chance. You might get to like him.
Jack: I don't think so. All he does is eat, sleep, and poop.
Dan Unger: Well then, the two of you have a lot in common.

Revealing mistake: When Jack is typing the fake note to get him out of PE class, he is not really typing. You can tell by looking at his fingers, he is just 'drumming' his fingers over the keys, hitting them as fast as he can.

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