The Bourne Ultimatum

Corrected entry: In the sequence when Bourne records Noah Vosen's voice on the phone to get into his safe, Bourne starts recording AFTER Noah picks up his phone and says "Noah Vosen"


Correction: After Noah Vosen says his name when answering the phone, the scene shows Bourne clicking his recorder OFF, not on. The red light [indicating active recording mode] is lit when the scene goes to Vosen's office, and goes off when Bourne clicks it.

Corrected entry: When Pamela Landy is telling Bourne his "real birthdate" (4/15/71) on the phone, Vosen is wiretapping the call and listening to it. Although it is the encoded address of the training facility, Vosen does not react. But after the failed meeting at Tudor City Pl. he needs to ask his crew about the date and is shocked immediately then. (01:19:20 - 01:28:20)


Correction: Vosen is listening in to the call between Bourne and Landy when she gives the coded birthdate. Vosen may either not know, or remember David Webb's real birthdate, which is why he doesn't immediately react. It's only after someone at the command center realized the date given was not Webb/Bourne's birthdate that they figure it must be a code, and Vosen puts together that it's the address of the training center.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie Bourne goes to 415, East 71st Street in Manhattan. We see him outside of the building which is a modern skyscraper. Once inside he has a conversation with the man that "recruited" him in a white room. When the men that are after him break into the room, he jumps through an older type window onto a rooftop. The window is completely out of place for the type of building he is in. When he falls off the rooftop and into the East River, his fall is only forty to sixty feet, contrary to falling from a roof of a modern skyscraper in downtown Manhattan. In addition the address of the building is several blocks away from the East river.

Correction: Not true. The front is a skyscraper type, but the training facility is a "wing" and could be a different architectural style. Additionally a wing of a building wouldn't have to be only at 415 location, it could span the rest of the 400 block. When he jumps through the window he lands in the alley/walkway between buildings and heads up a fire escape of a nearby building, which would presumably be the 500 block, which is right beside the river. Google map it.

If you Google Map it (or are familiar with Manhattan) you'd see that 415 East 71st is not a high rise and not on a corner. It is a 6-story mid-block residential building. And, the 500 block is across York Avenue, so if JB somehow ran across the rooftops of the 400 block (including leaping to the top of a 30-story building), he would then have to jump across 6 lanes plus 2 sidewalks, then cover the entire 500 block to the FDR Drive, and then leap over 7 lanes and an esplanade to reach the river.

Corrected entry: After two big bust-ups involving CIA ops, Bourne casually passes through passport control in Tangiers. A high profile target like him shouldn't just be able to waltz in and out without someone in security doing a photo id check under Vosen's orders.

Correction: The CIA does not have any jurisdiction or authority in Morocco. They can ask the for the authorities to look out for him but there is no guarantee they will or even if they would spot him. The training Bourne has makes it extremely difficult (as seen in the film) for the CIA to take him out regardless of what precautions they take.

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Corrected entry: When Jason Bourne travels to Madrid to catch Daniels, there is a minor shot where an Amtrak Acela train can be seen. Amtrak doesn't operate outside the United States.

Correction: It's not an Amtrak Acela but a Spanish AVE high speed train, naturally they do run trains to Madrid.

Correction: Not sure how this can be considered as a "movie mistake". Perhaps the man is following her and keeping her under surveillance. The video (or even photo) is proof of the target/subject. Otherwise, as strange as it sounds, this can happen in real life. I have friends who like to take videos with their camera.


Corrected entry: When Bourne has broken into the office in Madrid, there is a shot of two surveillance camera monitors. As the armed men arrive in their car, the surveillance camera follows their movement and zoom both in and out, despite no-one being around to operate them. The camera actions are more complicated than simple motion-tracking software. (00:36:45)

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Correction: Most security cameras can be controlled by remote.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, an "asset" is called upon to kill Bourne. He is seen in the final car chase and eventual crash with Bourne escaping and the "asset" bloody and near death in an SUV. In a following scene where Bourne is about to jump off a roof as a last resort, the same "asset" is holding a gun on him.

Correction: Then quite patently the 'asset' wasn't near death at all. What you have to consider is that Bourne had him with no chance of escape, so the 'asset' simply exaggerated the effects of the crash so as not to be shot.


Corrected entry: We see a lot of cars crashing into each other, among others a brand new Audi driving off a roof and falling both on its back and on its roof - but not ONE airbag is deployed.

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Correction: Airbags are to deploy on a frontal impact, some newer cars with side curtain airbags can deploy if t-boned, but most are only for a frontal impact. I have seen airbags deploy when a person hit a curb at walking speed, I have also seen airbags NOT deploy when hit at an angle from the side. Most cars have the airbag sensor in the front bumper, and if not hit in that spot, they won't deploy. Also, some vehicles have an airbag defeat switch to deactivate if the owner wants. Rear end collisions usually DON'T deploy airbags, and I've even seen rollovers with no deployment. It's unlikely, but not impossible that the airbags didn't deploy.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Noah Vosen leads the team to Tudor City to capture Jason Bourne, he is using a radio to talk to his team. The camera shows him holding the radio, which has a green LED (receive). When he transmits, the LED should change to red, but it does not.

Correction: I use a radio where I work that has a green LED at all times. It merely indicates that the unit is on and it only turns red if there is a problem with the radio.

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Corrected entry: In the early scene where Landy was instructing Vosen's team to look, via their computers, at the various pieces of paper inside Ross's apartment, they found the words "Blackbriar" and "per N.D." in those papers, thereby confirming that Ross's source was Neal Daniels. However, the "Blackbriar" papers shouldn't be in Ross's apartment at all because: (1) Ross met Daniels in Turin in the morning (where he got to know of "Blackbriar" for the first time and wrote it in his papers), then returned to London immediately afterwards, then went straight back to the Guardian office where he received Bourne's call and met Bourne in Waterloo station immediately thereafter. He never went home with his papers which were in his bag at all times. (2) When Ross later got shot in the Waterloo station, Bourne was beside his corpse and took all the papers from Ross's bag (including the "Blackbriar" papers). So the "Blackbriar" papers should be in Bourne's sole possession, with no one or nowhere else.

Correction: They were looking at Ross's notes that lead up to his meeting with Daniels, not his notes from the meeting. Obviously he didn't just run into the guy in Turin and sit him down for an impromptu interview, they had arrangements.

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Corrected entry: The CIA can apparently pluck the single word "Blackbriar" from the billions of telephone calls made every day in near-real time, but neither Vosen or Landy seem to know that a major UK paper has printed a three-part expose on Treadstone and one of their assassins, Jason Bourne. Jason used this article to find the reporter, Simon Ross.

Correction: They only traced agents' calls, not billions of citizens, and the article had only been posted for one day, so they found out pretty quickly.

But Blackbriar was mentioned by Ross to his editor, not Daniels (or another agent).

Corrected entry: In the scene where the CIA thinks they are chasing Bourne to Tudor City, the deputy director is in a black Lincoln Navigator. It is obviously very dirty when they get in, but a few minutes later in another shot of the vehicle, it's very clean.

Correction: All of the cars are black Lincoln Navigators Vosens were dirty but the other ones were clean.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Noah Vosen is waiting for Bourne at Tudor city, Bourne calls Noah from his office telephone. Noah looks at the incoming call on his mobile phone screen and yet he could not recognize his own office telephone number. And tries to locate Bourne in the street. (01:23:10)

Correction: The office phone was one of hundreds of extensions inside the CIA's New York HQ. It is highly likely that it is a with-held number and therefore Vosen wouldn't have known it was his office phone that was calling him.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Bourne comes out of a door, in Moscow, wounded in the shoulder. But in the end of the Supremacy, he is in New York talking to Pam Landy having recovered from his shoulder wound he received in Moscow.

Correction: It's made extremely clear that the opening section of this film occurs prior to his conversation with Landy in New York in the epilogue of Supremacy. The conversation even reappears in this film as an integral part of the storyline.

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Corrected entry: In the London tube station, Matt Damon buys a mobile phone from a stand and puts it in the journalist's pocket. Matt Damon calls it and starts giving him directions. Since cell phones take a while to activate, this would not be possible.

Correction: He buys a pre-paid cell phone from the stand. These types of phones are activated as soon as you pull them out of the box and enter in the phone card number.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film where Jason Bourne meets Pamela Landy at the building where the secret program started, it is light out as he hands her the evidence to convict Noah Vosen. A few scenes later as Jason jumps out of a window to escape, it is night-time.

Correction: And in that time Landy managed to fax the report out of the building and Bourne found the doctor, had several flashbacks, learned everything, and ran out. It is feasible to get dark.

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Corrected entry: When Nicky is searching the government database for 'Neal Daniels' location, his first name is spelled 'Neal'. Later on, when in the report on Bourne's induction into the program, it is spelled 'Neil'. It's highly unlikely a spelling mistake would happen in official government documents.


Correction: Why not? Matter of fact, it happens all the time. Those documents are typed up by people, just like any other document.

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Corrected entry: In The Bourne Identity, his name on his Brazilian passport is "João do Carmo" and the issuing consul's name is spelled "Gilberto do Piento"; in The Bourne Ultimatum, both on the computer screen and on the PA announcement, his name is "Gilberto de Piento".

Correction: "João do Carmo" is not written on the Brazilian passport but on another passport or document behind it.

Visible crew/equipment: Many shots when they are in the CIA building, you can see the cameraman in the glass walls.

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Pamela Landy: Enjoy your egg whites.

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Trivia: In the Tangier chase scene, Nicky and Desh are seen pushing past the citizens. These are not extras, Tangier was too crowded and the flow of the people was hard to control, hence the two actors are genuinely pushing through the crowd.

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Question: Anyone know how he got into Noah's office towards the end? I saw him go up the stairs, but it appears he would need a key card to get in without breaking anything.

Answer: Knowing Bourne, he must have had a keycard on his person. Remember that Landy guided Bourne back to the CIA New York Headquarters; she could have easily slipped a keycard in the Taxi Cab when Bourne was being picked up at the airport. All he would have to do then is avoid being detected by using the fire exits (hence going through the back).

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