Farewell to the King

Farewell to the King (1989)


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Gen. MacArthur: History is written by unusual men. Some who even become kings, and some who make no more mark than that of a stone thrown into an ocean. What we have here... Well, we just don't know, do we?

Vivienne: You feeling all right?
Capt. Fairbourne: Did Judas feel aright?

Capt. Fairbourne: If you were a communist how could you be king?
Learoyd: Only a communist would think of it.

Capt. Fairbourne: Listen, you can no longer avoid history! I'm sorry. I've said that.
Learoyd: Shut up. History? The world's so full of crap, sooner or later, you're gonna step in it. You call that history?

Capt. Fairbourne: Do you trust me?
Learoyd: Yes... If I have a choice between the good or bad in the man, I choose to believe the good.
Capt. Fairbourne: The 'warrior king'.
Learoyd: No, YOU're the warrior. I'm just king.

Learoyd: I have a special relationship with the spirits. I died once. I had to. I had to give up everything, even the will to live.

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