Continuity mistake: During the scene with the picture of the teacher with breasts. Link's and Amber's seats move. Link's seat is behind the desk and then its in front moving Amber's seat over towards the center of the desk.

Michael Piscitelli

Continuity mistake: When Tracy is running away from the police, there is a shot of her pushing through the crowd until she is free, but the next bird's-eye shot shows her pushing through the marchers all over again. (01:19:55)

Factual error: The movie is set in 1962, but when Tracy misses her bus, she catches a ride on an International-Harvester truck that wasn't introduced until 1969.

Continuity mistake: When the song "I Know Where I've Been" has finished and the crown is chanting, the position of Edna's arm that holds the white purse, changes between shots.

Hamster Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Amber is crying on her bed, and her mother (Velma) comes over holding a white cat, during the scene the cats motions are not consistent from shot to shot, and at the end of the scene Velma lifts the cat up twice between shots.

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Revealing mistake: Right after "Without Love", we see Edna answering the phone. If you've seen the movie as many times as I have, you'll see that this is a recycled shot from earlier when Mr. Pinky calls.

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Continuity mistake: The direction that Link's microphone faces changes a few times during "Ladies Choice" and also his position and the way he handles the mike is not continuous throughout the song.

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Continuity mistake: During "Good Morning Baltimore", when the bum on the barstool waves to Tracy, in the first shot he has his whole hand waving, yet in the next shot only two fingers wave at her.

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Continuity mistake: During "Without Love" the positions of the lamp, vanity box, globe, etc. on the desk (where Link eventually sets down Tracy's photo) keep changing.

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Continuity mistake: In the final scene where the votes are being taken in on the scoreboard, the amount of scores on the board, for Tracy and Amber, is inconsistent between shots.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of 'Run and Tell That' you see Penny begin to get off the bus first. Next shot, you see Tracy stand up to get out with Penny behind her. In the next shot, Penny is off the bus first again with Tracy behind her.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tracy first goes to detention and meets Seaweed, when Seaweed says, "Well this is something for you," and then he introduces himself, look on the floor behind him. You can see crinkled up paper balls on the floor that throughout the entire scene move spots, and you never see anybody pick all of them up. For example, watch when Seaweed is dancing and his foot touchs a ball and it gets tossed aside and magically disappears.

Continuity mistake: When the kids are getting off the bus singing "Run and Tell That," Penny is in front of Tracy. But when the camera is inside the bus, Tracy is in front of Penny.

logan crews

Continuity mistake: During "Weclome to the 60's" when Edna is looking over the contract at 'Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway', her arm keeps alternating from up to down between shots.

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Continuity mistake: During "Welcome to the 60s" there is a pink car in front of Pinkys. The next shot the car is gone, then it's back, and then it's gone again.

Michael Piscitelli

Continuity mistake: When Amber is being bitchy about Tracy in class and Link tells her to stop, during this scene Amber's arms continually keep changing position.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of "You Can't Stop the Beat," the first angle is of Tracy and Link, and then Penny and Seaweed come down a space that the Dancers make them. At one point the Dancers are almost up and then in the next shot, the Dancers are bent down and are coming up again.

Michael Piscitelli

Continuity mistake: During "Ladies Choice", in a wide shot Corny Collins has his arms by his side, grooving. In the next closeup his arm are spread out wide.

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Continuity mistake: When Seaweed sings "Run and Tell That", he is singing to Penny, "And then there's those who try to help God knows." When the camera is facing her, Penny is shown looking very stiff, as if she wasn't dancing (or couldn't get into the groove). When the camera is over her shoulder, showing Seaweed, she is dancing. The next shot of Penny she is not dancing again.

Edna: Don't worry. He'll figure out some day that he's crazy 'bout you.
Tracy: You have to say that. You're my mother.
Edna: Well, I know a little something about men.

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Trivia: As for John Travolta playing Edna Turnblad, that goes back to John Waters having often cast 'Divine' in his movies. 'Harris Glenn Milstead' was an actor best known for performing in drag as 'Divine', John Waters cast him as Edna in the 1988 version. When the Broadway musical was being cast, they cast Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad, and started a tradition of casting a man in the role of the mother, so the movie is just keeping that tradition going.

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Question: At the end, right at the beginning of the song "Hairspray" at the pageant, Amber turns to Link and whispers, "Look, there's the agents" and it cuts to a few suit-wearing people with clipboards. My mom and I noticed that one of the women among them looked like Ricki Lake. Is it her, in a cameo? It would seem to make sense since she was in the original movie.

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