Gary is Ben Dexter's younger brother, since enduring sexual abuse at their mother's hands, this catering duo moonlight scheme, involves Gary gaining the trust of their victims in a deception/domination ploy before fatally discarding them once they've become bored of their playthings. A dispute rises between both brothers, when Gary decides to keep Jen longer, Ben starts slapping sense into his sibling, with Gary stabbing him in response. Detectives Ray Di Santos and Bettiger come looking for Jen but Gary shotgun blasts them both, Bettiger being finished off with baseball bat by Jen when she mistakes him for one of her kidnappers. Ben looking for his brother, comes across her sitting in his dinning room, while strangling her, she runs him through with the knife still stuck in his gut (he couldn't remove it or he'd bleed to death). On coming across photos of previous victims, all featuring Gary in these pictures, she spies him videoing her and one chase/fight later she uses his own shotgun blow out his manhood then open up his torso, before fleeing from the vicinity to freedom.


Continuity mistake: During the scene when Jennifer gets matches on her side of the room, she lights one, presumably to see into the other room. In one shot the match is burned down almost to her finger, the next shot from the other side of the glass it is longer, and the next shot shows the match at a different angle with a larger flame than the previous shot. When she drops the match because it is supposed to have burned to her finger, it is clear the flame was not close to her finger/thumb at all.

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