Live Free or Die Hard

Trivia: The film's title is a reference to New Hampshire's state motto "Live Free or Die." The film was shipped to theaters under the title "New Hampshire."

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Trivia: Bonnie Bedelia makes a cameo as John's ex-wife, Holly, via a picture of her driver's license. To illustrate the divorce, Holly even uses her maiden name, Gennero. (00:36:55)

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Trivia: Mentioned in the DVD commentary, is that the Tunnel (used to trap McClane and Farrel with traffic from both directions in DC) was an open tunnel and they had to shoot at night because they could not afford to cover it with their production budget. This is obvious from most of the shots pointed to the room where you can see a "break into night" opening. (00:42:55)

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Trivia: The FBI agent who is assigned to escort John & Matthew through D.C introduces himself as "Special Agent Johnson." Then John says "Agent Johnson? Great." This is a nod to the first "Die Hard," which featured two FBI agents who were both named Johnson. (00:31:55)

Trivia: The only film in the franchise to not receive an R-rating in the US. 20th Century Fox pushed for the film to have a lighter PG-13 rating. Star Bruce Willis and director Len Wiseman chose to simply film the movie that they wanted to make without worrying about the rating during filming (as so not to negatively influence the film's production or feel they were holding back too much), leaving the necessary editing for the PG-13 rating for post-production editing. An unrated version of the film was released later on DVD and Blu-Ray that retains much of the violence and profanity that was cut for the PG-13 rating.

Trivia: When the film was released on DVD, it was the first time a digital copy of the movie was included that could be copied to a computer and then transferred to another medium, such as an iPod.

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Trivia: Bruce Willis' stunt double, Larry Rippenkroeger, nearly died in the scene when McClane and Farrell are escaping the apartment. Due to rain the previous evening, the fire escape was slippery, requiring the use of stunt doubles. However, Willis' double mistepped and fell off the fire escape, falling 25 feet. Willis himself paid for the hospital bills and visited Rippenkroeger several times.

Trivia: The film's overseas title in many countries is "Die Hard 4.0" - the "point-oh" in the title being a reference to how software often goes through different variations and updates. (1.0, 2.0, 2.1, etc.) Series star Bruce Willis has stated that although the film was released as "Live Free or Die Hard" in the US, he far prefers the "Die Hard 4.0" title, as it's clearer in indicating that the film is a "Die Hard" movie through and through.


Trivia: When McClane delivers Farrell to Bowman, stitches can be seen above his right eye. These were from an injury sustained earlier in filming a fight scene at the power plant, where Maggie Q's double accidentally kicked him in the head with a stiletto heel.

Trivia: Timothy Olyphant, who portrays the villain Thomas Gabriel, was the one to come up with the idea of his character being killed by McClane shooting him through his own wounded shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When John and Mai are fighting at the power plant, John tosses Mai up against a glass board. Her pony tail has come undone and her hair is a big mess. You see Mai from the back as she gets up to come after John. Her hair is now neatly combed and back in a pony tail. But as she begins to fight, her hair is once again undone and messy.

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Thomas Gabriel: [Probing a gunshot wound in McClane's shoulder with his gun.] On your tombstone, it should say "Always at the wrong place at the wrong time."
John McClane: How about... [grunts.] Yippee-ki-yay... Motherfucker! [Grabs the gun and fires it through himself and into Gabriel.].

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Question: Near the end of the film, when McClane, his daughter Lucy, and the hacker Matt Farrell are about to leave in the ambulance, there is a sign with the number 5 hanging out of a warehouse in the background - does this mean there will be a Die Hard 5?

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Chosen answer: Looks like a standard 5 mph speed sign to me. You can't read too much into that. In addition though, Bruce Willis has already stated in a few interviews that he'd be more than happy to do another one.


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