At one point during the hour of nightmares we are given false hope that his nightmare was nothing more than a dream he experienced after nearly drowning in a surfing accident earlier in the story. This false realization is soon shattered, literally, as the post office he's visiting is torn apart to reveal that he is still in the room. After the hour is up, everything in the hotel resets to as it was when the countdown began. Enslin (Cusack) will have to live this same hour over and over again for all eternity unless he decides to kill himself. Thinking quickly, he uses the cognac that Olin (Jackson) gave him as a bribe to whip up a molotov cocktail and burn the hotel room, apparently with him inside it. Firefighters manage to extricate him, however, and he recovers in the hospital, reunited with his estranged wife (McCormack). Some time later, Enslin is seen writing a book, presumably about his deceased daughter when his wife asks if it would be okay to toss out a box of items from the hotel, as they all smell of smoke. He keeps an audio recorder that he had used throughout the movie and instructs her to toss the rest. As he plays the tape, however, the sound of the hotel's figment of his daughter can be heard by both he and his wife. His wife has a look of disbelief and he cracks the faintest little smile. Fade to black. ALTERNATE ENDING: Mike dies in the fire. Olin goes to Mike's funeral and tries to give back some of Mike's belongings to his wife but he's turned down by her and Mike's agent Sam (Tony Shalhoub). Olin plays in his car the tape Mike used during his stay in 1408. Olin briefly sees Mike in the back seat and then drives away. The last scene is Mike's spirit in 1408; he hears his daughter's voice and then fades away.


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Katie: Daddy.
Mike Enslin: No, you're not real.
Katie: I'm cold.
Mike Enslin: No, you're not Katie.
Katie: I love you Daddy. Don't you love me anymore?
Mike Enslin: Of course I do, sweetheart.

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Question: When Mike gets a postcard about the Dolphin and room 1408, he writes on the back for a moment as he figures something in his head and circles a (=13). He then says cute. How exactly did he figure 13 from 1408? I am confused by that part.

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: He sums up the individual numbers: 1+4+0+8 = 13.


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