Corrected entry: Sam Jackson says that the whole hotel has magnetic key cards except room 1408, saying electronics don't work in that room. Yet there are working lights, TV, and radio in that room.

Correction: He means that electronics act up in that room, not that there is no electronic equipment that will work there. Electronics are merely unreliable in that room. And you have to admit that the electronics in that room do act up a significant amount.

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Corrected entry: During the scene when Mike notices the picture of the boat is crooked in the living room, he jumps over the couch to fix it. As the shot changes to look directly at him, you can see a reflection in the french doors behind him that looks like someone pulling a pillow off a bed. I waited for this to come into play in the plot, but it never did.

Correction: No. Its the curtain blowing from the open window.

Corrected entry: The hotel manager says to John Cusack's character that they could not install electronic keys for room 1408 because electronics do not work in the room, yet the laptop, cell phone, remote control television, etc all work with no problem.

Correction: Remember the laptop was being manipulated by the room? And the cell phone didn't work, that's why he brought out the laptop. A key card wouldn't work if the room didn't want it to. Of course, neither did the standard key.

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1408 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mike first enters room 1408, there are three light switches on the wall. He flicks on two of them. A few seconds later, you see the switches behind him, but it is two different switches that have been flicked.

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Question: When Mike gets a postcard about the Dolphin and room 1408, he writes on the back for a moment as he figures something in his head and circles a (=13). He then says cute. How exactly did he figure 13 from 1408? I am confused by that part.

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Chosen answer: He sums up the individual numbers: 1+4+0+8 = 13.


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