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52 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: As Mike is checking his mail in the diner, a lick of hair hangs down above his right eye until he comes across an envelope he finds interesting. As he opens it, the lick is gone, his hair is suddenly near-perfect. (00:10:25)


Continuity mistake: As Mike scrolls through the microfilm, we see his view as the pages scroll from right to left. The shot then reverses to show his face through the scrolling film, but while the film is now properly reversed, it's still moving right to left in our view. But this reversed angle should show it moving left to right. (00:12:05)


Continuity mistake: When Mike is speaking with Olin the first time, Olin has a handkerchief in his chest pocket, and two 'points' stick out. But after Olin tells Mike that he thought the "father was a bastard", there are three points sticking out for the rest of the conversation, even through the elevator ride. (00:16:30 - 00:22:30)


Continuity mistake: When Mike steps off the elevator, he is between the elevator doors and a dark statue in the middle of the hallway. The statue is seen behind him, slightly to our right. When the elevator doors close, Mike's location is different as he begins to walk down the hall. Relevant to the earlier shot, he is much further to our right and farther from the elevator doors, as now has to walk around and past the statue he was originally already past. (00:25:15)


Continuity mistake: In one scene the clock radio is set to 20:07 and in the next it is 8:07 right before it turns into counting down the 60 minutes. (00:34:15 - 00:38:00)


Continuity mistake: As Mike catches the attention of his mimic in the apartment window across the street, he makes two distinct gestures with his hands to signal distress: the first being the "hand phone" imitation and the next pointing downwards. Right before the mimic begins reflecting Mike's movements, Mike is shown making this sequence of hand motions. However, as the camera pans to the mimic we can see its movements are off-sync with Mike's, incorrectly continuing to point downward when it should be mimicking Mike's phone gesture. (00:44:50)

Continuity mistake: When Mike goes to the window to call for help, his doppelganger across the street is mimicking Mike's every move. After waving their arms in mirror-image synchronicity, Mike leans to his right slowly, and so does the doppelganger, but it should have leaned to its own left to mirror Mike's movement. All its other movements are exact mirror images. (00:45:10)


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Continuity mistake: When Mike first enters room 1408, there are three light switches on the wall. He flicks on two of them. A few seconds later, you see the switches behind him, but it is two different switches that have been flicked.

Continuity mistake: After slamming his hand in the window, Mike bangs on the front door leaving blood on the left side of the map on the door. Later in the film, there is blood on both sides.

Continuity mistake: When Mike opens the laptop, the screen is folded slightly backwards, in the following shots its positioned in a straight angle.

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Continuity mistake: While the frozen room is breaking down, the red lamp and the table next to it keep changing positions between shots.

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Continuity mistake: The match box in the ashtray in Room 1408, right after Mike enters, changes position and illustration in 2 seconds time.

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Continuity mistake: After Mike enters through the window, he lays down and his left arm is extended up to his head. Depending on the angle, in about 2 seconds it is in different positions, without him moving it.

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Continuity mistake: The position of the towels used to stop the leaking faucet differs from the time Mike leaves the bathroom and a shot several seconds later, while he's on the phone.

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Continuity mistake: At the hotel in the beginning during the rainstorm, you can see a gap on the road of where rain isn't falling as well as where it stops in the distance. Once Mike's truck comes to a stop, the camera angle changes and the "rain" gap is gone.

Continuity mistake: Mike unplugs the radio and knocks the bottle from the table. Then he picks up the phone and says "I didn't order no sandwich", and the bottle reappears on the table.

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Continuity mistake: At the end, when the woman brings the box, the wide shot shows the right lid down. The next shot it's up. She couldn't have opened it because she was holding the box with her hand from the bottom part.

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Katie: Daddy.
Mike Enslin: No, you're not real.
Katie: I'm cold.
Mike Enslin: No, you're not Katie.
Katie: I love you Daddy. Don't you love me anymore?
Mike Enslin: Of course I do, sweetheart.

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Question: In the office scene where Mike and Olin are speaking of all the deaths that have occurred in room 1408 they say a specific number for each type of death. I added all the numbers up and got 43 but Olin said there had been 56 deaths total. Is my addition wrong or was is it a coincidence that there were 13 deaths they didn't speak of?

Answer: After they recite the types of deaths and the number attributed to each one Mr. Olin also says that there have also been natural causes of death as well which surprises Mike. The natural causes of death add up to the other 13 deaths.

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First, I don't have a great memory - I had to re-watch the movie, writing down the numbers: 7 jumpers, 4 overdoses, 5 hangings, 3 mutilations, 2 strangulation's plus 22 natural deaths - I get 43 total ==> but later we hear of a man that drowned in his chicken soup... which fits none of the categories mentioned including natural. There is also mention of heart attacks, which I don't know if you would categorizes these as natural considering the circumstances. That is to say, they just didn't detail all 56 deaths. The book might, and mind you a book made into a movie is always too fast paced with so much detail crammed into 2 hours... there is really no time to digest all the material. I'm guessing this is a much better read. Also this movie PRE-supposes that a person understands a lot of things... I had to look the stuff up after the first viewing... then came to this site (as a means of looking some stuff up). Here's my low down - after the fast forward second viewing, literally taking notes: 1. The room is not haunted - something in the room is evil ==> this is stated when the hotel owner has conversations with writer just outside of the office on route to the elevator 2. The writer expresses this is : the seventh circle - the 7th circle is where those that committed the following violations are punished: a. Crimes against neighbours b. crimes against self >suicide c. Crimes against God, Art (grand daughter of God) and nature 3. The writer has pleaded Guilty as charged in the hotel managers office to charges of: believing in nothing (this would be God - and he states so later) and believing in no-one but himself 4. The writer opens the bible - and the page falls to Nathans Parable -2 Samuel 12 ==> had to look this one up - this is about being judged - mostly about a man who kills another and takes his wife - it's about judging yourself and paying for your sins. In this story the wife brings forth a child that god strikes down with sickness and the child dies... among other things. 5. It is generally believed that there are 3 things that allow for better mind control - or mind opening/bending experiences: a. Sugar b. Alcohol c. Drugs ==> he was given a bottle of alcohol which he consumes as well as chocolate squares on the bed - presumably the evil force has provided these to allow better mind control 6. All the pictures show some form of evil: the Schooner lost at sea, should we presume an act of evil in addition to potential future acts of cannibalism? The Hunt: which is where I believe the hotel owner originated from: escaping from a pore in the picture - he was the hunted (no glass covering on the picture) and he provided the alcohol - he also tries to stop the writer from taking the room, saying he doesn't have to do this (punish himself) and/or the manager senses the end of the room and potentially his existence Lastly the old women reading to the three children... I just can't make this one fit...which is actually when I started to review the relevance to evil there. The writer says the children are deranged...? 7. The demons all originate from the pictures - I think; the manager of the hotel, the knife wielding woman (schooner) . I'm unsure about the guy in the vent. That is to say, the pictures have brought the evil to the room; and the room has become a room where those who should be punished in the 7th circle are. 8. To prove the punishment room theory: in the file folder, as the writer approaches the room 408 - the notes indicate a man with the notation that: his brother was eaten by wolves on the Connecticut Turnpike - I'm guessing there was an act of cannibalism there. 9. Further to prove the punishment room theory - acts against art are really usury and charging interest (loan shark style - high rates to those that are desperate) - we see a business man jump - which later appears to be the man from the newspaper article that says: Dec. 06, 1938 Chicago factory owner leaps from bridge - stating Financial issues Ultimately this room is about judging yourself, deciding your own punishment and the evil forces dispensing the punishment. Think about the maid that only blinds herself with scissors, and the writer who has presumably already paid for most of his sins (daughter dies) but is still forced to suffer heat, cold, drowning, mental illness, isolation etc.

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