Finian's Rainbow

Continuity mistake: When Finian and Og are talking in the forest, Og is kneeling on a log. He leans over and falls into the river. You can see him completely submerged. He stands up and continues his conversation with Finian while standing in the river and his hair is now completely dry.

Continuity mistake: When Finian goes into the woods to bury the crock of gold, there is an overhead shot looking down on him while he is digging the hole. It shows quite a lot of dirt between the pile of dirt he has heaped up and the hole, enough to cover up the grass immediately around the hole on that side. But in the shot right after he places the crock in the ground, there is no dirt on the grass around the hole.

Revealing mistake: When Woody and Sharon are singing their 'Ol Devil Moon' duet, Sharon starts to sit up, but then the shot suddenly changes to them both sitting up, Woody in a fade behind her as she sings.


Finian McLonergan: America is full of millionaires.
Sharon McLonergan: But Father, are there no ill clad or ill housed in America?
Finian McLonergan: Aye, but they're the best ill clad and the best ill housed in the world.

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