Vacancy (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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Amy's husband gets stabbed by the killers' as Amy hides. Amy then comes out of hiding and is then chased by one of the killers.Amy finds a car and jumps in trying to escape, but one of the masked killers jumps on top of the car and smashes through the sunroof. As they struggle, she drives the car into the other killer and crashes in the motel room. The killer that is hit with the car removes his mask as he dies and turns out to be the mechanic from earlier in the film.Amy then tries to call the police using the phone she used earlier, and is confronted by the motel owner. He hits her and they fight but she eventualy shoots him several times with a gun she had picked up from the wall earlier.Amy dials 911 and the operator says they will send someone. She then goes to her presumed dead husband, but he awakens and is still alive. They embrace as the film ends.

Rajesh Guru

Continuity mistake: When the car dies on the side of the road the headlights are off, but when Amy gets out of the car to go with David you catch the headlights shutting off.

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Mason: Rules are rules. I don't make them, I'm just the manager.

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