Revenge of the Creature

Revenge of the Creature (1955)


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Joe Hayes: Oh, I'll sleep fine. No imagination.

Lucas: I hope you ain't going to blow up my boat, Mr. Johnson. Like my wife, she's not much but she's all I have.

George Johnson: What I'd give for a tall, cold beer.
Joe Hayes: A short, warm blonde.

Revealing mistake: You can see the stunt man playing Joe in the Creature's tank move when he's supposed to be dead.


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Trivia: In this 1955 horror film, Hollywood newcomer Clint Eastwood memorably appeared as a lab assistant (a speaking role) with a white rat in his pocket. Earlier the same day on a different set, Eastwood filmed his very first big-screen role as a jet fighter pilot (another speaking role) in the 1955 horror film "Tarantula," making it a big day for Clint Eastwood.

Charles Austin Miller

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