Corrected entry: When Collette asks, "What did the customer say?", there is no ladder in front of the stove. Then right before Chef Skinner tastes the soup, he is able to pull out a ladder from the front of the stove. (00:26:25)


Correction: There is no ladder leaning against the stove, yes, but the ladder (as seen a few seconds before this scene) is right beside the kitchen door. When Colette is asking "What did the customer say?", Skinner is standing beside the ladder. When the camera cuts to Remy, Skinner covers the distance between the door and the stove. It is plausible to assume that he brought the ladder along. He lets it lean against the stove to get the spoon from Colette.


Corrected entry: 1961 Chateau Latour is the wine Skinner uses to bait Linguini into revealing information about the rat he suspects. Cheval Blanc 1947 is the wine Anton Ego drinks with his meal when reviewing Gusteau's. Although the two wines make a clever reference to famous bottles in foodie culture, in real life these wines auction for thousands of dollars and would be unrealistic to drink in those circumstances.


Correction: This mistake missed the entire point of the scenes. For the first scene- Skinner is convinced Linguini is actually hiding a secret and knows more about food/drink than he's letting on, so he's using the super-expensive wine to appeal to him and manipulate him. He thinks the super-expensive wine will impress Linguini and make him drink and divulge his secrets. For the second-scene, it's established that Ego is a giant snob. Of course he's going to demand the best of the best and the most expensive wine available! That's why him being served the "peasant dish" of ratatouille is such a surprise for him when he ends up loving it- it's a simple dish that goes against the high standards that were implied by his choice in wine.

Corrected entry: When Linguini got the jar that he accidentally threw in the water, there is not a single trace of wetness on the jar, not even a drop of water.

Correction: That's because the whole jar wasn't in the water, it was floating on top so any water that was on it was on the bottom and it's clear that you see water dripping when luiguni picks up the jar.

Corrected entry: When Remy is reunited with Emile, it makes no sense for him to go in and break into the food safe when he's got so much left from the bundle Linguini gave him. Of course it moves the plot along, but it still makes no sense.

Correction: It makes perfect sense. Rémy wanted Émile to experience the best food available, to make him realize what good cooking is all about, and did not think the cheese and grapes he had were up to this standard. So he decided to go get something much better from the food safe.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Remy and Emile are spotted by the old lady in the cottage, she pulls a gun out from her right. As she gets the gun an umbrella flies towards her. But in the next scene, even though the gun and the umbrella were apart, The umbrella has ended up in the barrel of it.

Correction: You must watch carefully, but you can see that there is already an umbrella in the barrel of the gun when she pulls it out.

Corrected entry: Being the small rat Remy is, he wouldn't have been able to generate enough momentum to move the book AND break through the window when he's being chased by the crazy shotgun lady.

Correction: Adrenalin is an amazing stimulus, one that almost all members of the human and animal kingdom share physiologically. It can allow the frail elderly lift cars from loved ones and it can also permit a rodent of any size the ability to generate all sorts of momentum.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning where the old lady is shooting at the rats they start escaping through the windows at the front of the house, but in the opening shot of the film (which chronologically happens at the same time) they are nowhere to be found.

Correction: All the mice are going out out underneath the front door and window facing the front of the house. Remy jumps out the window over the sink, which faces the back of the house.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Remy finds the documents proving that Linguini is Gusteau's son, the advertising cutouts of Gusteau change positions in the background several times.

Correction: I've seen the movie several times and checked for this mistake. But all the cutouts remain in the same positions in that scene, though they do change positions throughout the movie.

Correction: He had the herbs in his hand before he was surprised. He then crushed them in his hands, which is why you cannot see them. Watch closely.

Corrected entry: French star ratings only go up to three stars. However Gesteau gets a five star rating. This is maybe because English people would not understand why a three star rating is superior in French guides.

Correction: This is an absurd generalisation. The well-known Michelin rating system uses three stars as a maximum, but other rating systems use different methods, such as awarding points (as in the prestigious Gault Millau guide) or an alternative number of symbols (not limited solely to stars) as a potential maximum. The rating system is never named within the film and thus cannot be identified with any real-life rating method and, in all likelihood, is intended to be entirely fictional; as such, it cannot be said that giving Gusteau's restaurant five stars is an error.

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Corrected entry: There are multiple times when mice are shown to be cooking while standing on the edges of pots and pans. Example: when Remy is first making the soup he his standing on the edge of the pot. However, when a pot is heated, all metal parts become hot. A mouse standing on the rim would have burned his paws off.

Correction: The same probability goes for any rat surviving a lightning bolt or a gun being fired at him. In short: this is "magical reality" and not real life.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the crazy shotgun lady is after Remy and Emile, she uses a shotgun that holds two shells. Yet she is somehow able to fire multiple blasts without reloading.

Correction: The shotgun is consistently shown to be pump-action. Such weapons hold more than two shells.

Even the highest capacity riot shotguns only hold 10 shells, and she is shown to shoot 11 times without reloading.

Continuity mistake: When Remy and Emile are cooking the mushroom on the roof, notice that the mushroom is skewered on the antenna. When Remy and Emile are hit by lightning and sent careening off the roof, the mushroom is instantly on a stick in Remy's hand, instead of the antenna. It could've been sent flying by the lightning bolt, but even if it was, there was no stick in the previous shot for it to have ended up on. (00:07:50)

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Trivia: The wine that Anton Ego requests at dinner is Cheval Blanc, one of the best wines in the world. It is one of only two to receive the highest rank of Premier Grand Cru Classé (A) status in the Classification of Saint-Émilion wine of 1955, along with Château Ausone.

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Question: When Remy is stuck in a cage, chef Gusteau tells Remy he never did. Remy never did what?

Answer: Remy tells the imaginary Gusteau that he's given up, and Gusteau replies that Remy is only as free as he imagines himself to be. Remy counters that he's "sick of pretending" to be a rat for his father and to be a human through Linguini. He then adds that he even pretends Gusteau actually exists, just so he can have somebody to talk to, and that all of Gusteau's responses are what he himself already knows to be true. So when Remy asks, "Why do I need to pretend?" that's when Gusteau tells him, "But you don't Remy. You never did." Which basically means Remy is both a rat, and an extraordinary cook.

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