Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Corrected entry: In the London scene where Reed ties the ferris wheel in place he accidentally touches Johnny and inherits his power. However, when they switch back again Reed still has his body suit intact even though it was enough to burn Sue naked earlier in the movie. The capability of their suits are only immune to their specific powers.

Correction: It is implied in the first movie that all of their suits are capable of withstanding each of their abilities. That means that in the London scene Reed's as well as Johnny's suit remain intact despite inheriting the other's power. As far as the other scene is concerned Sue wasn't wearing her suit when she accidentally swapped powers with Johnny so her normal clothes obviously burned away.


Corrected entry: Toward the beginning of the movie when the team gets onto the airplane, the Thing walks to his seat (a middle seat) - there is a woman sitting in the window seat and a man sitting in the aisle seat. The man gets up and the woman does not. When the Thing sits down the woman is gone, she then reappears in the next shot.

Robert Sullinger

Correction: The woman leans forward while The Thing sits down. Her purse is visible, but she herself is out of frame.

Corrected entry: When Richards is dancing at his bachelor party his clothing is stretched as well as his body, but he's wearing regular clothes, not his Fantastic Four suit.

Correction: Hardly unreasonable to think that Richards could have created clothing of regular appearance that still stretched along with him, for those occasions where he didn't want to wear his uniform.


Corrected entry: When Johnny takes the Fantastic 4's Powers to counter Von Doom, he's completely capable of controlling each member's powers. However, in the times before when he's accidentally taken their powers, he has been completely incapable of controlling them (such as when he takes Reed's ability to stretch during the London Eye scene, he lays on the floor unable to stand).


Correction: Yes, because when he first took their powers accidentally he had no experience using them. When he takes all of their powers to counter Von Doom he has had experience using everyone else's powers. Also, as you mention, he first gets their powers accidentally; when going against Von Doom he has a specific mission in mind and is highly motivated to focus the powers on the task at hand.


Corrected entry: Not so much visible film crew, but the shadow of the helicopter, looking down on the wedding scene. Helps if you freeze frame (only lasts 1-2 seconds), but you can see the shadow of the helicopter and its camera-mount, on the front of the helicopter, as it passes by. (According to site rules, slow motion or pause IS permitted for the viewing of crew or set/camera equipment.) (00:18:35)

Correction: It is not uncommon for a papparazzi helicopter with a camera to show up at a high profile celebrity wedding.

Corrected entry: Before the wedding, the invisible girl says, "Now all I have to do is concentrate on that area for the next eight hours" because of the spot on her forehead. After that, when she tries to stop the helicopter, that spot doesn't appears, so she's still focusing on that area, to look nice. And when she sits down after this action, we still cannot see the spot, so she still hiding that, but it is useless now.


Correction: Just because she's no longer getting married doesn't mean that she wants her zit to be seen.


Corrected entry: When Sue Storm looks out a window, as she preps for her wedding with Ben Grimm's girlfriend Alicia in the background, her forehead is clear in this shot. As she talks more closely with Alicia, Sue now has a noticeable blemish about an inch over her right eyebrow. It is very visible as she moves in to hug Alicia. Sue makes light of her zit, and uses her super power to render it invisible with the line "Now all I have to do is concentrate on that area for the next eight hours." In this shot, however, the zit has moved and is now over her left eyebrow. (00:20:15 - 00:21:05)


Correction: When she says this, she is looking in a mirror. Hence the flipped image.

Corrected entry: When The Thing is on the airplane, he tells a gentlemen that he is in his seat. You also see a black women seated in the window seat, when they change seats you see the black women's hair partially, still at the window seat. When Ben (The Thing) is seated the women is completely gone absent from the shot, then in another shot is back.

Correction: She stood up when Ben sat down, he even looks at her apologetically right before the shot changes.

Correction: Johnny doesn't call Reed "John". Johnny says "John" because he's correcting Reed. Johnny says afterwardss that he would like to be called John not Johnny, so that's why he says it.

Corrected entry: When Invisible Girl sneaks out to see the Silver Surfer on her own, she is able to go through the glass door without opening it. This is not possible seeing as she can go invisible, and not completely disappear.

Correction: She sneaks in an open door, not through a wall.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, the Silver Surfer enters the cloud of the entity to destroy it. It is so close to the Earth it is surrounding it and the explosion is so enormous it would have knocked the planet of its orbit at the very least, yet not a thing happens and even the electricity comes back on instantly.

Correction: This is a comic book world, and I don't think we can be expecting physics to apply normally.

Corrected entry: When the hole appears in the Thames, it supposedly empties out the river, which would be impossible as water would still be coming from the source and water would also fill in from the sea into which it empties.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: It doesn't empty out the river. The Silver Surfer can alter matter at the atomic level - he changes the water to dry land.

Corrected entry: When Johnny and Ben are getting ready for the wedding, we can see that Johnny has only a t-shirt under his dress shirt. Yet after he chases the Silver Surfer and falls to Earth, he now has on his FF costume.


Correction: The FF group almost ALWAYS have their costumes underneath their "normal" clothes, Johnny most of all because he might have to burn off his clothes at a moment's notice. You never see that he's *not* wearing his outfit underneath his tux and t-shirt.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: The final battle occurs in China. Yet at Reed and Sue's wedding all of the women, including Sue, are wearing kimonos, a traditional garment of Japanese origin.


Correction: Just because the battle took place in China, doesn't mean the wedding does. Not only the dresses but also the garden they're in points to the fact that they have moved to Japan for the wedding.


Corrected entry: In the beginning, a news reporter is saying that some believe the Suruga Bay in Japan froze over due to volcanic activity, although such activity had never been reported before. While this in itself is already a completely mindless statement (Why would something that supposedly never happened be considered the most likely cause for the event?), it is also wrong. In the background of the Suruga Bay Shot you can see Mt. Fuji, which is in fact a volcano. Furthermore, the Suruga Bay lies in the subduction zone of two continental plates, which causes considerable seismic activity and makes potential volcanic activity rather likely.

Correction: Since when do news reporters always make factual statements in the real world?

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie there is a mystery vehicle hidden in the lab of Reed Richards (plastic man). He designed this and no one knows anything of it. Later on in the movie, it is revealed and the fantastic four go for a ride in it. The vehicle breaks apart into three flying machines and despite no one else having any previous knowledge of the vehicle, each team member is able to expertly fly their own section of the craft.

Correction: Flight controls are pretty similar across the board. It's not a stretch to assume they all know how to fly a plane. I landed a plane my first time in a cockpit.


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Johnny is "unstable" and switches powers with the rest of the group. However, at the end when he takes the powers of the others, he doesn't lose his flame abilities as he should have.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: Since we do not know the exact mechanism by which the switch takes place, we cannot know what will happen when all four of them touch at the same time. In addition, Reed might have calculated or guessed, off screen, that by all four of them touching, Johnny would absorb their powers and keep his own.


Corrected entry: The Human Torch's run-in with the Silver Surfer allows him to somehow switch powers with the other members. However the scene in which Johnny uses all four members powers should not be possible because inherent in switching powers is the required giving up of his own.

Correction: Since we do not know the exact mechanism by which the switch takes place, we cannot know what will happen when all four of them touch at the same time. In addition, Reed might have guessed, off screen, that by all four of them touching, Johnny would absorb their powers and keep his own.


Corrected entry: In the first movie, we're told that the suits the FF4 wear have absorbed the same abilities that they do, which is why the torch doesn't burn his outfit, and is why when he switched powers with Susan, after the fiasco ends she is left sans clothing. However, in the airplane scene when Reed eyes the open overhead compartment to place his luggage, when he stretches his arm to place it there, you see his arm along with the suit and shirt stretch too. Given the previous explanation, only his arm should have stretched.

Correction: Reed (being a brilliant scientist and all) quite probably made himself special fabric that stretched as he did. It's a pretty important thing for him to be able to strech at a moment's notice. Also, this happens several other times in the movie (like when he's working on his equipment right before his wedding), so it's not like it's just one isolated time.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When the fantastic four are in The Black Forest in Germany, The Thing encounters a bear. This is highly unlikely as the last documented bear sighting (aside from the brown bear named Bruno in 2006, who was shot and killed) was 170 years ago.

Correction: Highly unlikely does not mean impossible. And if there was a sighting as late as 2006, there is no reason why there could not be another bear in the region.


And it was also the wrong kind of bear.

Continuity mistake: When the helicopter plummets into the wedding terrace, its nose is either pointing the right side or the left, depending on the shot. No continuity at all.

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Trivia: The guest that was rejected at the party really was Stan Lee who helped popularize the Fantastic Four through writing the comic book for many years. This is actually from the comic book wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm (in the 60s) where a guest who looked like Stan Lee was turned away from the wedding.

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Answer: They're part of the mechanism that Galactus uses to extract the life-force from the planet.

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