Shrek 3

Dragon knocks over a tower that lands on top of Prince Charming, killing him. Artie is the new king of Far Far Away and Fiona gives birth to triplets.


Continuity mistake: The pink legwarmers Charming is wearing in the middle of the film, instantly disappear.

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Artie: And so, people, I hope you enjoy your stay in prison, while I rule the free world, baby.
Shrek: All right, don't overdo it.
Artie: I'm building my city, people, on rock 'n' roll.
Shrek: You just overdid it.

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Trivia: After Queen Lilly is dazed after banging the rocks with head to get them out of prison, she hums the first few bars of "A spoon full of Sugar." After Fiona asks if she's alright, she hums a few lines from "My favorite things," both songs made famous by Lilly's voice, Julie Andrews.

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