Seraphim Falls

In 1868; former Union captain (and accomplished knife fighter/thrower), Gideon is running for his life pursued by a posse of mountain men, bounty hunters and hired guns, led by dour Confederate officer, Colonel Morsman Carver seeking vengeance for his families loss at Gideon's hands. Made up of Sexist rapist Hayes, tracker Parsons, enigmatic Pope and the youngest known only as The Kid...this band of makeshift aids to Carver are to be promised a dollar a day for his capture. Chasing him across Nevada down the Rockies, across the Savannas past the railroads and wagon trails, eventually leading into the deserts. As they come into contact with lone settlers, railroaders & missionaries, bother pursuer & persuade are troubled by memories of events occurring in a place called Seraphim Falls


Revealing mistake: Early in the movie, there is a visible circular, plastic looking effect on Gideon's arm as he removes the bullet with the knife. This is more noticeable around his shoulder when he cauterizes his wound with the hot knife.


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Gideon: Your sister, she don't take kindly to thieving. There's plenty of time for that when you grow up.

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