Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II (2007)

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Continuity mistake: When Miroslav is massaging Whitney in the hot springs, the amount of body scrub cream on them drastically changes during shots.

Continuity mistake: After all the rich people bid on the girls, they cut to an American talking on the phone to someone. A school bus pulls up outside and his kids get up from the table with their school things and head for the bus. A few moments later the bus pulls away, yet you never see the kids get on the bus. The door to the bus is in plain sight at all times and when the bus pulls away you see no other door that they could have used.


Continuity mistake: When the woman is covered in Lorna's blood, the thickness (amount) of blood on her face changes from shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: When Beth is first captured, the gun held by the business man is a single-stack .45 ACP 1911 pistol (evidenced by the magazine at the bottom of the weapon). A few seconds later, when the children are lined up, the gun becomes a Beretta with a standard barrel. A few seconds later, when the silencer is attached, the gun magically has an extended threaded barrel (to allow attachment of the silencer). The silencer that was used obviously screwed on, which would not attach to a standard factory barrel.

Visible crew/equipment: When the rich guy couldn't go through with killing the girl with the chainsaw, after the dogs had basically eaten most of him you can see the green screen in the elevator.

Other mistake: Lorna is hanging too high for Ms. Bathory to slit her throat with the small scythe while lying down in the tub during the bloodbath scene.

Continuity mistake: During the "Bathroy" homage bloodbath scene, Lorna's back is to Ms. Bathory while she slashes Lorna with the scythe. Lorna's face is then to Ms. Bathory after she picks up the smaller scythe so she can slit Lorna's throat.

Revealing mistake: When the cannibal torturer is cutting into the leg of the victim, you can see its fake legs made of rubber or other material.

Plot hole: When Whitney leaves her train carriage to go and look for a policeman, the 3 drunk sleazy Italian guys are at most five metres away and have clear visibility of the corridor. It is unrealistic how they would not have been able to see her.

Continuity mistake: When Whitney is talking to Beth after Beth has just got off the phone to her dad just before they leave for Prague, you can see the bags that Whitney is holding keep moving. In one shot, both her handbag and holdall are being held in the middle arm area, but in the next shot, her handbag is around her shoulder and the holdall in her hand.

Stuart: I am strong. I am fucking Hercules.

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Trivia: Director Eli Roth wanted to use the same child actors for the "Bubblegum gang" that were in the first film. While he was able to use some of them (including the "lead" member), a number of the child actors had began to have growth-spurts in between films and no longer looked the same, and thus had to be recast.

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Question: The original Hostel film had 3 different prices (can't remember them exactly but it was one price for local, slightly more expensive for Asian and very expensive for American). However this film sends pictures to clients' phones and starts an auction. Anyone know why this one is different when it's supposed to be the same operation?

Answer: Since the events of the first film, there were some changes in the operation....enhanced security, etc. It can be presumed that the auction is simply one of those changes.


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