Ocean's Thirteen

Continuity mistake: In the opening of the movie, when Rusty and Danny are flying back to visit Rueben, you see them boarding a Gulfstream G200. However, the interior shots actually show them flying in a Gulfstream 5 (probably the one on the ramp next to the G200 when they exit the aircraft).

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Danny and Rusty are talking to Roman in the kitchen, the camera can be seen in the reflection of the kitchen window.


Continuity mistake: While the group talks about the plan to flirt with Sponder, Linus snaps his fingers and the position of his arm swaps from being up to being at waist level from one frame to the other when the angle changes.

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Visible crew/equipment: Crew members and stage lights get reflected on Bank's hard hat when Danny pays him a visit.

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Continuity mistake: While talking about the plan to flirt with Sponder, Yen's head swaps brusquely positions between shots.

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Continuity mistake: While Reuben is in bed, the tissue paper on the night table changes positions between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Rusty is in Bank's office posing as a seismologist, Bank's glasses appear, disappear, then reappear between shots.


Plot hole: The rigged dice, while undetectable, wouldn't necessarily work. While they have the ability to turn the dice they still don't know what number the dice will land on and which way the dice will roll when triggering the lighters. Granted they can keep someone from losing by triggering the dice, they can't always make someone wins. And most of the bets that were placed (Rusty's Snake Eyes bet) are 1-roll bets, i.e. if you don't hit on that roll, you lose.


Plot hole: To rig blackjack card shuffling machines to make the dealer bust and everyone else get 20 or 21, its success would depend entirely on knowing the exact number of people at the table at that time. Perhaps the filmmaker is assuming all seats at the high-stakes blackjack tables would always be filled during a "soft" opening, but that seems extremely unlikely.

Rusty Ryan: Are you all right?
Danny Ocean: Yeah, um, I just bit into a red pepper.
Rusty Ryan: Is that... Are you... Are you watching Oprah?

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Trivia: Banks and Reuben mention being the few alive on the strip that actually shook Frank Sinatra's hand. Frank Sinatra played Danny Ocean in the original Ocean's 11.

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