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Corrected entry: When Mr. Brooks leaves his house to go to his for the studio for the first time he is wearing his glasses, yet when you see him outside walking he isn't wearing them, and then they are back on him when he turns the lights on inside his studio. (00:07:25)

Jason Riley

Correction: We also saw Brooks remove his glasses when driving in the dark earlier. It's possible that light reflecting off the lenses causes glare when the rest of the environment is dark, so it's easier to see without the glasses. That happened to me frequently when I wore my glasses. He could just have taken them off for walking outside and put them back on prior to entering the studio, as he would be putting the interior lights on.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Demi Moore gets hit by a swinging body, her nose is bleeding for just a quick scene. All other subsequent shots of her show no blood at all.

Correction: I've had nosebleeds where a quick blow to the nose will break the blood vessel enough to allow blood to escape, but does not bleed continuously. A quick wipe of the nose, and it may be sore, but no more blood comes out.


Corrected entry: There is a scene where Mr. Brooks gets in his car (in the driver seat) and his alter-ego gets in the passenger seat. Although Mr. Brooks can imagine his alter-ego is getting in the car, there is no way that the alter-ego could physically open and close the passenger door - which is what he does. If there were people around, they would see a car door opening and closing with no-one there.

Correction: Brooks sees the door open and close, we as the audience sees the door open and close, but people that aren't aware of Brooks' alter ego wouldn't see it. In other words, the door doesn't open in "real life" but it does for Brooks, and us as the audience since we become aware of Brooks' psyche.


Continuity mistake: During the van chase sequence, the van door is open for the first few minutes. Then the van makes a sharp right turn and immediately it cuts to the door which is now closed. In the immediately following shot, it's back open yet again.

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Mr. Brooks: If I were here to kill you, you would already be dead. Today I realised our conversation was a little one sided, so tomorrow night, would you be so kind as to bring all the photographs and the memory card from your camera? That way we can like each other simply for who we are.

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Trivia: At about 1.48, while Mr. Brooks is reading a paper in a diner, the newspaper - USA Today - has only the headlines and first few lines written in English. The rest is in Latin. You can see it on the Bluray disc.

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Question: What type of personality disorder does Mr. Brook have, is compulsive killing part of it, and is it really genetic?

Jason Riley

Chosen answer: It sounds like Dissociative Identity Disorder. And I think compulsive killing is something he chooses to do, and not connected to his DID; and from skimming the article, it doesn't appear to be genetic.

Cubs Fan
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