The Legend of Billie Jean
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Boy: Did you rob that liquor store in Galveston?
Binx: Yep, that was us.
Billie Jean: We did not.
Guy: What about that school in Laredo? You burn it down?
Binx: No way, guy. We don't do schools.

Putter: If you don't let me out I'm throwin' up all over the front seat.

Donna Davy: I don't have any idea what she wants to say. She can recite the Gettysburg Address for all I care.

Ophelia: Would you look at those tits?
Putter: I think they're gross.
Ophelia: That's because you don't have any.

Pyatt: Hubie and the truth have a way of not gettin' along with each other.

Putter: Is that a boy or a girl?
Lloyd: Girl, Joan of Arc. She dressed up as a man and led the French in fighting the English. She heard voices, 'stop being a peasant', 'France needs you', 'the truth needs you'. And she won, she beat the English, but then.
Putter: Then what?
Lloyd: The French, burnt her, alive.

Binx: What's this?
Putter: I think it's chicken.
Binx: It doesn't taste like chicken.
Ophelia: When you rich, food ain't supposed to taste like what it really is.

Ringwald: If that scooter's not back on your front lawn in two days.
Billie Jean: We live in Breeze Haven.
Ringwald: All right, in front of your trailer... you give us a call, we'll... drag in the fucker.

Billie Jean: Lloyd, do you make videos?
Lloyd: All the time.
Billie Jean: What about copies?
Lloyd: I can make as many as you want... You are absolutely right.
Ophelia: What's she talking about?
Lloyd: She's gonna answer their call.

Billie Jean: You ever been to Vermont?
Lloyd: Sure, on ski trips.
Billie Jean: Maybe we should go there tonight, all of us, hitchhike.
Lloyd: You can't do that, not now, everybody knows you, they want to see you get the money.
Billie Jean: They want to see us dead, remember Joan of Arc?

Binx: Hey, get your hand off that.
Hubie: What, your sister? Or your fagmobile?

Ophelia: You're supposed to be taking your medication! Your father says please give him his pills.
Lloyd: I haven't had a pill since we left the house, haven't wheezed once.

Putter: I'll be grounded till I'm 35 years old.

Audio problem: Just after Binx shoots Mr. Pyot, Hube says, "Don't touch him!" When Billie Jean bends down, the camera cuts to Hube who reaches for the phone saying, "I'm calling the police," but his lips don't move. (00:18:40)


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