Year of the Dog

When Peggy returns to pick up Valentine, Newt is crying hysterically and reveals that Valentine killed Buttons and that he made the decision to have Valentine put down because he knew Peggy wouldn't have the heart to do it when it came time to. Peggy feels betrayed and leaves to the pound. She arrives too late to save Valentine. On her way out, she sees another dog that is about to be euthanized and says she wants to adopt all dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized that day, which is 15. She gets around the 3-dog limit law by saying she works for the ASPCA and is going to put them in shelters until they find a good home. Al has stopped pursuing Peggy and is in a new relationship with another woman. Al has complained to Peggy that her dogs bark and keep him and his guests up at night. Al threatens that she better do something about those dogs, or he will. Peggy blames Al for the death of Pencil and says she won't do anything and leaves it at that. Continung her downward spiral, her boss finds out she forged checks and is fired. She returns home to find out that her dogs have be reclaimed by the state and she suspects it was Al. So when he is out of his home, she sneaks over and discovers a bag of hunting bait that is poisionous to pets. She steals a knife from his collection and waits in the dark to try and stab and kill him as he returns home with his date, claiming she wanted him to feel what it was like to be hunted. He overpowers her (while sustaining no injuries) and she goes to jail, but is bailed out by her brother Jeff, who convinces her boss to let Peggy come back to work if she seeks help, and repays what she stole. She returns to work, feeling awkward, but her employees who all love her for what she has done for them (bake them food, feel loved) welcome her back with open arms. She finds another website that is scheduling a bus ride to Dallas to protest more lab testing on other animals. She writes an e-mail to all her family and friends discussing that she has to follow her passion and then you see her on the bus with other protestors on her way to Dallas, presumably leaving her job.

Jay H.

Peggy: It's nice to have a word that can describe you. I've never had that before.

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