Once Were Warriors

Grace Heke hangs herself after being raped by Bully and beaten by her father, Jake. Jake is mildly agitated by this, and drinks endlessly at the pub. Beth Heke investigates Grace's diary and reads how she hated how her dad treated the family, and that being raped by one of his friends caused her to commit suicide. Beth goes to the pub and abuses Bully. Jake doesn't like this and goes to hit her, but his son Nig intervenes and shows him the diary. Jake explodes in anger and beats Bully to a pulp. Jake chases Beth to her car, where she gives him a speech about how she can survive anything if she can survive living with Jake. She drives off, leaving Jake. Jake shouts out to her to not come back.

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Continuity mistake: In the fight scene with Jake and Beth, he throws her against a mirror and it shatters completely. The next morning it is complete again with just some cracks in it.

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Jake Heke: Barman! Six milkshakes - easy on the ice cream.

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