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Continuity mistake: After Homer drops the butcher knife when he sees the web, in the shot of Homer, Edith and Lurvy, before Fern joins them, Edith holds the large blue sponge, but as Wilbur turns to see the web she is visible behind him and the sponge is gone. When Edith says, "It's nothing short of a bonafide miracle," in Charlotte's close-up, the sponge is back in her hand. (00:37:10)

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Continuity mistake: After Wilbur faints, in the shot facing Lurvy, as he throws a pail of water on the buttermilk bathed pig, he holds the bottom of the pail in his left hand and grips the wire handle at the top with his right hand. In the next shot of Wilbur, Lurvy holds the bottom of the pail with his right hand. (00:57:40)

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Continuity mistake: Lurvy is running up to Wilbur with a bucket. In the wide shot, (the one with the line: "Coming through! Coming through!") the people right by Wilbur are well out of Lurvy's way. In the close-up however, Fern has to be pulled out of Lurvy's way, which she wasn't in the previous shot. (00:57:35)

Templeton: Have you seen the pig next door? I think his mama was part hippo. If I had to name five of the fattest pigs I've ever seen, he'd be three of them.

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