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Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)

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Corrected entry: When we see Carson Clay in the audience for the first time during the premiere of his movie, you can see Sabine two rows behind, when she has not arrived at the premiere yet. She is still driving with Mr. Bean.

Correction: No, that's not her. It's just a random girl sitting next to Stepan's father.


Corrected entry: When Bean is chasing the chickens on the bike, his basket is filled with only fruits. A few moments later his video camera appears in the basket.


Correction: When he first grabs the bike, the camera isn't in the basket, but the next shot, which is of him much further along in the chase, the camera is there (but he had plenty of time to put it in there to video tape what he was doing).


Corrected entry: It is impossible to walk to Gare de Lyon from La Défense because where he is dropped off is an elevated pedestrian zone and at the end of it is the motorway and metro line - no footpath.

Correction: Mr. Bean is seen walking on the motorway, causing his usual wake of commotion. It's why the guy watching the monitors asks if they should stop him.


Corrected entry: When Sabine is driving Mr. Bean to Cannes she is driving on the right side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right side. If they were in France both of these things would be on the left.

Correction: The steering wheel is on the left and they are driving on the correct side of the road for France (right).

Corrected entry: When the boy and Mr. Bean are waiting the boy's father at the next stop, the boy's father showed his number and it was 06080807_ _. In the number 06080807_ _ the last digit that has the hand on it seemed to be _7 but when the boy called 0608080703 it was his father.

Correction: The number was not his father but rather was the maid's number, when his father's phone rings it is simply someone else it is not the son.

Factual error: When Mr Bean arrives in Paris from his Eurostar train, he arrives in Paris Nord train station. In reality, the Eurostar platforms are fenced off to prevent train-hoppers and are against the station wall, rather than the middle.

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Trivia: On Mr.Bean's passport, you can see that his first name on the passport is 'Rowan', the actor's first name.

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Question: What is the type of green dress that Sabine wears?

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