The Cockleshell Heroes

The Cockleshell Heroes (1955)

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Directed by: Jose Ferrer

Starring: Dora Bryan, Trevor Howard, Victor Maddern

Genres: Action, Drama, War

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Trevor Howard and José Ferrer are sharing what appears to be some port (about 50 minutes into the movie), the port decanter has a drip stopper in the long shot which disappears in the close-up shot of Leslie Howard and then re-appears in the following longer shot.

Continuity mistake: The SS commander is at various times with at least three completely different sets of epaulettes. In one scene, while he is addressing two aides, the epaulettes of all three change between shots.


Factual error: When the lorry was held up at the level crossing the locomotive has an early British Rail logo. It should have been The Southern Railway.

Factual error: The Military Police on the train have Royal Military Police shoulder flashes. The Military Police did not become "Royal" until 1946.

Factual error: Towards the end of the film, the German troops are searching for the marines and cross from the dockside to lighters and then on to a harbour launch. Although this is supposed to be in Bordeaux the launch is marked 'PLA' or Port of London Authority where the action must have been shot.

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Suggested correction: 64,000 vehicles were abandoned by the Allies during the Dunkirk evacuation. Of these, 2000 were put into service by the Germans. Doubtless there were a few jeeps in there somewhere.

America wasn't involve in the Dunkirk evacuation and the jeep wasn't produced until 1941, so where would they have come from?


The raid depicted in the film took place in December 1942. By that stage over 5,000 jeeps had been supplied to the Soviet Army, hundreds of which were captured by the invading Germans during Operation Barbarossa, which commenced in June 1941.

Captain Thompson: Keep the line straight, Boys.

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