Jagged Edge

Jack Forrester is indeed guilty of double homicide. Upon uncovering an odious secret of his (involving a typewritter) Teddy Barnes informs him of this new evidence. No sooner has she done so, then that very same night an intruder garbed in the exact clothing as in the opening story breaks into her home welding a jagged hunting knife, cornering her in her own bedroom she begs the figure who she suspects is Jack to at least show his face to her. Not responding he goes for her with his knife only to be shot by her with a concealed gun. Undaunted he continues to rush at her only to be shot a number of times sending him sprawling. Doing a Shape impression, he suddenly sits up and struggles to his feet making her empty the entire contents of the gun into him. Sam Ransom shows up and steps down hard on our prowlers' hand gripping said knife before riping off his mask to reveal that it really is Jack; a final wide eyed expression of dismay crossing his face. Sam leaves the room with the last shot being on the glinting blade still being clutched by Jack.

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Sam Ransom: Is that your head speaking, or another part of your anatomy?

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