The Last Mimzy

Corrected entry: In the scene where Emma shows the baby-sitter her spinners, she throws them all down at once and they still work. In all the other scenes, she has to spin each one by itself so they work.

Correction: When she did it the very first time, she didn't know what the spinners did. She thought they were just toys, so she was playing with them one at a time. Then, when she showed her babysitter, she was in a hurry to show the woman what she thought would be a really impressive "trick." After that, she began to understand how important and fragile they were and decided to be more careful with them, instead of nonchalantly tossing them at the ground.

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Noah Wilder: This stuff could be dangerous.
Emma Wilder: Maybe we should tell someone.
Noah Wilder: I showed the green glass thing to mom. She thought it was a paperweight. Maybe other people don't see what we see.

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Trivia: Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, who played Emma, was also the voice of Mimzy; her voice was digitally altered and added in post-production.

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