Blades of Glory

Two internationally renouned male ice skaters, one an orphan adopted into a privileged lifestyle with a team of coaches, choreographers and medical practioners, the other a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who uses his raw sexual magnetism to wow the crowds.

They are bitter rivals and when they both pull off fantastic routines at the championship a no-holds-bar fight erupts on the podium and they are banned from competing in the males competition for life.

A loophole is found, whereby they can compete as an all-male pair, and the race is on to become match fit and prove the sceptics wrong.


Continuity mistake: When Chazz Michael Michaels goes to Katie Van Waldenberg to "comfort" each other Chazz leaves the door slightly open. Then it has a shot of Katie then back to Chazz and the door is completely closed. Then right before Jimmy walks in it shows a shot of Chazz and the door and it is slightly open again.


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Chazz: You know what dude, your hand has to be on top.
Jimmy: No way, the girl's goes on top.
Chazz: Yeah, ergo, chick.
Jimmy: I'm not the girl, I'm stronger!
Chazz: No, I'M stronger, and don't have a vagina.

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Question: So is the loophole used to get Chazz and Jimmy back into the figure skating arena actually in the Olympic Pairs skating rules somewhere?

Answer: No. International Skating Union regulations clearly states that the pair has to be a man and a woman.


That wasn't the loophole. The loophole was that a ban is only good for the division where the skater was banned. If they were banned in singles, they could still compete in pairs.

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