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Michelangelo: Dudes, did anyone get the license plate number of that thing that hit us last night? Man, my head.
Donatello: Okay, that was just weird, first the Foot, then that hideous monster,.
Michelangelo: Yeah, it looked like your mom, dude.
Donatello: Yeah, that would make her your mom too, dufus.
Michelangelo: Whatever.

Leonardo: This Nightwatcher character has been going around like some vigilante showboat, but his days are over.
Raphael: Hey, the Nightwatcher was the only one around to pick up the slack while you were gone. Crime didn't take a break... you did.

Michelangelo: What do you think it is?
Donatello: An interdimensional portal to a distant world, I would assume.
Michelangelo: Ooooh! I want one.

Raphael: We live together, we train together, we fight together, we stand for good together... we are ninjas. We strike hard, defend and protected and fade into the night and there ain't no bad guy or monster that gonna ever change that. That's what is important and that's why we will always be... brothers.

Raphael: You're still here? Go back to your jungle.
Leonardo: At least his personality is still intact.

Michelangelo: I'd give us a ten for style.
Michelangelo: An eight for skill.
Michelangelo: And a two for stealth.

Leonardo: Funny thing about anger. Let it consume you and soon enough... you lose sight of everything.

Raphael: Why does everyone have such a hard time believing I am a good guy?

Raphael: OK, Leo, I'll bite. What're we doing up here?
Leonardo: I told Splinter I'd get this team in shape again.
Michelangelo: Hey, I've been training. Since you've left, my videogame scores have, like, doubled.
Leonardo: Right.

Leonardo: Within hours, we'll lose the city. And within weeks... the world.

General Aquila: Destroy them.

Raphael: This night just keeps getting better.

Master Splinter: There is no place for excuses when you are the leader.

Leonardo: Goodnight Dark Prince.

Michelangelo: Why skate a half-pipe when you can skate a sewer pipe?

Max Winters: Every three thousand years, the stars align. Unleashing an army of monsters.

Leonardo: Hothead.
Raphael: Splinter Junior.

Leonardo: Attack as one.

Continuity mistake: When April is pushing through the jungle with her hands, you can see the handle of the machete over her right shoulder. In between shots the handle then disappears and reappears a couple of times.

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Trivia: There are several newscasts throughout the film. During any one of these newscasts, take a look at the news stories on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. Almost all of them are somehow relevant to the movie's plot.

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Chosen answer: Because unlike everyone else, they know EXACTLY where it is! They are their friends, of course they know how to get to the turtles' home easily.

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